Monday, May 05, 2008


Made In LA - Heaven Scent Cookies

And now, for another edition of Made in L.A., my quest to find foods made right here in my home town...but available everywhere.

And this time peaches, we have a real treat! No, really...its a treat. Well, if you are the sort of person who considers a cookie a treat...because these are cookies we are talking about. See? A real treat!

So please allow me to introduce to you Heaven Scent Cookies. Made in Santa Monica, California (which is a city on the West side of the urban sprawl that is LA. SM has a fascinating history and is home to Douglas Aircraft, The RAND Corporation, public radio power house KCRW, the world famous Santa Monica Pier and of course, it's most celebrated son, talk show host Carson Daly!) they are available nationwide. I actually picked mine up at a grocery store in New York City. (I wonder if that is bad? I mean, that both me and the cookies travelled so far to meet...)

They are organic and Kosher and come in fourteen different varieties. For scientific (okay, not scientific) purposes, I tried Double Thick Chocolate Fudge, Gingerbread Boy, Old World Chocolate Sandwich and Brown Sugar Cream (which didn't make it in to the picture because they were so darned delicious!) And I have to say, those are some winning treats! Each one was better than the last.

So if really delicious, buttery, crumbly cookies with a lot of flavor and all natural ingredients sounds good to out and find some of these little gems. You will thank me. They are beyond fantastic and absolutely worth seeking out!

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The average American eats 35,000 cookies in his/her lifetime.

In England, Schweppes makes a quinine soda called "Indian Tonic Water," which is somewhat less sweet than the American version. The sweetness Indian Tonic Water does have comes from saccharine.


I love your made in LA idea, I'm super excited about giving my business to local folks, and try to buy as much baked goods, produce etc. from "my own back yard." I'm looking forward to taking some time and looking at your past posts in this category.
Erinn - The bummer part is that it is REALLY hard to find things made here! I don't know why.
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