Monday, April 30, 2007


Made In L.A. - See's Candies

Welcome to this beautiful Monday all you cats and kittens! And thanks for stopping by!

For your reading pleasure, today I am here to wax rhapsodic about the single best Made in L.A. item of them all.

That’s right. The best.

See’s Candy. “Quality Without Compromise”

I dare you to deny it.

Since 1921 these fine people have been churning out the mostest yummy chocolate treats around. And lollipops. (I recommend the butterscotch. Drool.)

And I feel confident saying that their outstanding products are something most Angelenos would put at the very top of their own Made In L.A. list.


Super top quality, sugary-sweet nostalgia. All-kindsa-chocolaty goodness. (And did I mention the Toffee-ettes? Sigh.) Flavors galore, and as a fantastic bonus...they give out free samples in their pristine shops, so you can make sure your box is only filled with goodies that appeal to you.

Me, I go for the dark chocolate covered ginger nuggets, more than anything else...spicy-sweet decadence.

All this happiness-in-a-box for incredibly reasonable prices! (And available on-line! Whoo-eee!)

The only person I have ever met who doesn’t eat See’s candies (who doesn't have some sort of medical condition that prevents them, of course) is my darling friend, The Ombudsman. And his excuse is pretty solid. His father worked there for 30 years and he is just plain over it. (Can you imagine if your father was scented with chocolate instead of aftershave though? Mmm.) Then again, they essentially paid for the roof over his head for the first 18 years of his life, so even he – a non-sweet-tooth kinda guy – admits they are the best candy of them all. Even if they are based in SF. The manufacturing plant is here, and that is good enough for us.

See's Old Fashioned Candies. It's a kid in a candy store.

Go now. Buy some. And enjoy!


Charles See opened the first See's Candies shop and kitchen on Western Avenue in Los Angeles in November of 1921.

A Limerick for you:
A tossed salad was set on the table,
(But hark to the end of my fable)!
A quick flick of the wrist
The dishes all missed
as the waiter was not very able!


Only when a patient brings them in. Alas....I am unable to eat just 3......
I love See's too. In fact, as I read your entry, I was sucking on a See's lollipop (vanilla flavor).
Thank-you for recognizing such a great company.
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