Thursday, November 02, 2006


MADE IN L.A. - Bennetts' Sodas

Welcome one and all to another addition of MADE IN L.A. The Fresh Approach quest to find nationally available foods made right here in the heart of happiness. The kingdom of glitter. The epicenter of bling. Good ol' Los Angeles. My home sweet home.

This week I am pleased as punch to review the startlingly satiating Bennetts’ sodas.

I picked up these lovelies at the adorable soda store in the Farmers Market (the original market. 3rd and Fairfax. You know it, you love it. Ya?) A place I hardly ever mention on this blog, (the shame! the shame!) but frequent regularly.

Made in Los Angeles since 1963, Bennett’s was invented by B. Scott Bennett, The Ice Cream Man, right there at the market and has been sold from his stand, The Refresher, to adoring fans ever since. With additional flavors including the habenero laced Hot Cola and a divine Root Beer (both of which I have had in the past, and liked) these kids are doing something right.

The cola, made with real lemon juice and no caffeine is a real show stopper. Sweet and spicy, with an acid punch it is what I suspect cola started out tasting like. Crisp and refreshing indeed.

The water is plain water sure, but bubbly and fun and somehow old fashioned tasting, which I realize isn’t a taste, but somehow is. Must be the glass bottle. Good on its own, better mixed with gin...but that’s just is just good stuff.

So when you are looking for something local and fab, please do pick up some Bennett’s soda and enjoy!


Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation
The 3rd and Fairfax farmers market began in July of 1934
Soda water is made when carbon dioxide is injected into plain water


Cheers Rachael! *clink*
Thanks peachy!
Love Bennett's Sodas. I have had the Root Beer and the Lemon Soda, but TOTALLY missed Hot Cola!

I rarely make it to the Farmers Market... it just seems so frantic and hard to park... but now, thinking about the little shops and the covered areas with sticky tables and rickity chairs, I might just make it back.
Yeah, Im spoiled...I can go during the week when the crowds are thin. I wouldnt dream of going on the, Loteria Grill is one of my favorite lunch spots...
I heartily agree that the water goes great with gin i also love the coke.
James: Are you in the UK? Can you get this soda there? Cool!
How have I missed this soda? Next time I'm at the Farmer's Market, I will look for it.
I love Bennett's ICE CREAM! It's really good, also made locally and the secret is to buy a hand packed pint to get the most for your money.
Jonah, YES!!! I do too. Yum.
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