Thursday, August 31, 2006


World Blog Day 2006

So tell me my dear, how long have you been reading blogs anyway?

Me, about three years. Prior to that, I really didn't actually know they existed. Admittedly, I was a little late into the game, but not so much so that I can't fondly (if not somewhat inaccurately) recollect the good-old-days (hardee har har) when there seemed to be six of us rhapsodizing about food, and only one template to choose from.

Today of course, there are a zillion and one spots to tempt you, and in the interest of driving traffic to places you may not have roamed before, someone, somewhere set up BlogDay. It's a time for bloggers to tag other bloggers that are rad, awesome, stellar, and otherwise deserve lots-o-traffic.

Now truth be told, you are most likely my only reader, so now that I have chosen five FOOD (Hey, it's my thing, man!) blogs to link to and aim my love-vibe at, it's up to you to click through and check them out. Can you dig it?

(I am also compelled to say that I am certain they all have heavy-duty traffic anyway, but the more the merrier, right? Right.)

So here goes with my choices for BlogDay 2006. Banned in China, but coming to you live from LA...

First up is the gorgeous site Foodbeam. A serious contender for best looking blog ever in the history of ever, Miss Fanny sure does take some purdy pictures and matches them with soft and breezy prose. Check it out.

Then there is Acme Instant Food. If I were any more hot for AiF I would combust. Style and substance, with just a dash of panache. Coo.

I just recently landed over at Vanilla Garlic and heavens do I have some catching up to do! Join me, won't you, to find out what fab Mr. Garrett is up to. Shibby indeedy.

Now sweet Miss Erin of Erin's Kitchen is a girl after my heart. Not only is she here in LA, but she blogs about all the places I am too shy to photograph. With wit and wisdom, she rocks my world

Last, but not least , I implore you to visit Tiny Banquet. This site is so fresh and fun, beautiful, quirky, and food-tastic, I just can't wait to see what else she has in store!

Oops, I spoke to soon, since I have to include my *bonus* site, Lex Culinaria. Sure you've been there many a time, but it really is one of my top three faves of all time. Miss Lynette blogs her heart out and has the accolades to prove it. On top of all that, she is a doll of a woman and an inspiration to all (well, me anyway).

Now look kids, just because I chose these five, doesn't mean I think any less of the thirty-odd links over there to the left. They are all super-mega-ultra-incredible and deserve your lovin’, I just was playing by the "Chose Five" rule. I hope you understand, and will let me know what you think of my choices!

And now I must add a heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads, supports and loves food blogs (that means YOU my sweet peach) …we all really appreciate you coming by!

Until tomorrow,


For a lot more Food Blogs, check out Food Porn Watch (yea, like you aren't already)

The Boston Cream Pie, created in the 19th century, was chosen as the official state dessert of Mass. on December 12, 1996. A civics class from Norton High School sponsored the bill. The pie beat out other candidates, including the toll house cookie and Indian pudding.

Click here to see who I thought of last year!

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Late into the game three years ago? I didnt know what a blog was til may 14th 2004 which is less than 2.5 years ago. Thanks for all these links - I discovered a few blogs I had not heard of before which I have stuck in my rss read and cant wait to check out. I love blog day. Methinks it is great.
I dont think I am going to get anything else done for the rest of the week since i now have all this extra reading material.
Hehe, very cute Rachael :) Thank you for all the great links, like Sam I've fed them into my rss reader.
Thanks for the kind words Rachael--and the new sites to check out...guess my day job will have to wait as I catch up on food around the world.
Thanks for the toss darlin! I just discovered your blog today myself. *girlish squeal* I feel special!
Rachael--I'm totally feelin' the love right now! Thanks for the inclusion with these other fantastic sites.

If you joined the game late, then I'm still idling in the parking lot outside of the stadium. I discovered the food blog galaxy just earlier this year. I'm very happy to have discovered such cool people with so much information and entertainment to offer! Applause to all!!!
Happy Blog Day. I included a link to your blog from mine. Sarah
Thanks Rachel, I am blushing over here! I'm looking forward to checking out those other sites, too!
My dear, I am so happy that I get the "super" appelation. Yay! But you, my girl, are f-ing fantastic. And by the way, I hear rumors that you may be slowing down on this blog of yours, or even (gasp!) stopping.

NO! I would miss you too much.
Thanks Rachael! I'm blushing all the way over here...I feel the same way about you! gosh.
When I started my blog in April 2005 I didn't even know what a blog was. Now I can't get anything else done. Great choices, Rachel, and thanks for mentioning me.
Thanks for mentioning me, Rachael! I missed blog day this time but I would have mentioning you too. Your writing is great, the recipes inspiring and above all I appreciate being called a peach avery time you write something new!
Thanks for the kind words Rachel! *hugs* I always thought you are fab yourself!!!

And thanks for all the links - i'll now visit the ones i don't know about :-)
Hi Rachael, thank you so much for your kind words.
I certainly don't deserve such a mention but anyway, i highly appreciate it!

Okay, gush and blush. Thanks for the sweet words, one and all.


Keep up the blogging, eh?

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