Thursday, September 01, 2005


World Blog Day Event (Better Late Than Never)

Oh dear, I feel extra lame to be tardy with this post, (to link to 5 new blogs) there are just so very many blogs I love, (look to your left, those are there because I read them all every day) that finding five that aren’t exceptionally well known was quite a challenge. Like a lot of other people who took part in this event, I am including some that you most likely know and a few I hope you will find and start to read. I certainly could have made this list much longer, but here is my spotlight group. These are not all foodie blogs, but they are all well written and worth frequent visits.

Chef Kristy – OK, so I may be the spaciest girl ever, because until this event I didn’t even realize I have actually MET Kristy and taught her and her fab friends a class! I mean, I am crazed in love with her blog, but I had no clue until today that I actually knew the girl! And what a total doll she is! Check out her fun blog, with wonderful ideas and a real sense of style.

Pink Sun Drops – Mrs. Drops is just about the dearest (young) woman writing on the web. She lives in one of my favorite spots on earth, Santa Cruz, CA with her husband and two little guys and she has a way of capturing life and its sweet moments like very few other writers.

Query Letters That I Love – I have read a lot of query letters (Usually unsolicted letters intent on introducing unrepresented screenplays) in my day and they usually have me laughing my head off. This site brings that all to you with a snarky attitude. Check it out.

KokBlog – Johanna at kokblog hasn’t got a digital camera, and I for one am glad. She actually draws (amazingly adorable) pictures of her food instead and it is awesome.

Becks and Posh
– Have you heard of this little-teeny-tiny blog? Probably not, but its worth a look. A sassy, soggy-French-fry-lovin' British woman named Sam takes us on a culinary tour of her world, and it is a delicious trip. I sure do hope more people will find this site, I feel like I have kept it to myself for far too long. Enjoy!

Thanks Rachael, I am glad you like my blog.Your chocolate risotto looks great. I think I have to make it. It reminds me of a Swedish Christmas dish called ‘Ris a la malta’. Instead of chocolate they use almonds and sometimes fruits.
No, thank you. It really is lovely.

Don't feel bad--I haven't even posted my list yet! And I keep having to revise it; three of my choices weren't even around on the actual August 31 Blog Day. : )

P.S. Becks & Posh is fabulous; Sam is awesome. Amazing what she's done in just a year in the blogosphere.
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