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MADE IN L.A. - Marsha's Tasty Treats

I love my mother. If you knew her, you would too. Gracious, kind, artistic and yet level-headed. Very positive attributes indeed. She really is a living doll.

Yes indeedy, my mother is a peach. Though I do wonder - what with her knowing me so well and all - if we could ever go into business together. My money is on no. We just don't have that mother-daughter entrepreneur thing going, the way the ladies at Marsha's Tasty Treats seem to. Their super-hot business is the focus of today's installment of MADE IN L.A. my on-going quest to find delectable products made right here in glorious Los Angeles, CA.

According to their website, the extra-fab Marsha and her health-conscious daughter Brooke decided to take on the challenge of creating something tasty that pretty much anyone with any food restriction one could come up with, can eat. Their products are raw, low-fat, low-carb, gluten free, vegan and I'm sure a few other things. But what they really are is simply fabulous.

Or as they would say, TASTY!

First up I tried their adorably named Mango Choc Crocs. They are basically dried (yet still pliable) slices of mango topped with a naturally sweet chocolate-like combination of dates, cocoa and coconut. Chewy and delicious, they are perfect light energy treat. The tangy mango is mellowed by the thick-rich topping. I simply loved the combination of fruit flavors. Yum!

Next up (and what is pictured above) I had the caramel cups. A vanilla-coconut cup filled with raw caramel and topped with chocolate and coconut shavings. Oh. My. Really? This is good for me? I'm skeptical because it tasted so utterly fantastic I started to swoon. As a coconut fiend, its not hard to see why. According to their site, these darlings are comprised of coconut, flaxseed, cacao nibs, agave, banana, dates, spices and sea salt. Sweet, chewy (really quite chewy) and abound with flavor, these are one of my new favorite desserts. And don't be fooled by the diminutive size that one cup made up three servings, it was that fantastically decadent (and yet, guilt free!).

I also got a chance to nibble on a berry slice, made with blueberries, cranberries, coconut, flaxseed, cacao nibs, almond, agave, spices and sea salt. This made it evident that Marsha's Tasty Treats knows what they are doing and who they are catering to. A simple yet elegant dessert, packed with antioxidents, energy and omega three, it reminded me of a very upscale energy bar. And I mean that in a good way! The consumer who wants a beautiful dessert without guilt, but still packed with flavor will not want to miss out on these. Mmm. Tangy, sweet and remarkable.

Marsha's Tasty Treats are available at Whole Foods Markets in Los Angeles. I say, if you are up for something new, (aren't afraid of a somewhat high price tag) and want to eat something that was prepared with love and concern for your balance and well being, you can't go wrong picking up one of these snacks. Try them, and enjoy!


Today is National Lollipop Day

Looking for a Raw Foods restaurant in LA? Try Juliano's!

Its high content of alpha linolenic acids has made the ancient flax seed become our modern miracle food. Alpha linolenic acid is a type of omega 3 fatty acid, similar to those found in fish such as salmon. Benefits of flax seed as shown in many studies include lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. – Health


Wait, I'm confused. How can something be sugar free when it has caramel in it. Doesn't that have to be made with sugar or some sort of sugar-based ingredient?
Well now see, it's not really caramel, its made of bananas and dates and whatnot. Clever, isnt it!

I love my Mom, but we'd kill each other if we were in business together.
hmmm a dessert that's guilt free. I never knew there could be such a thing.
Have you ever worked with a thing called Date sugar? I was wondering what it tastes like.
I wonder if the daughter occasionally disagrees with Mom and storms out of the shop screaming, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"

I'm so sorry. I just had to say it. I'll go away now.
OMG I think I've died & gone to heavan.....All this seaming decadence & yet it's good for you?! WOW!!! If you're feeling stressed & want to turn it around then turn the word stressed around for the answer to your problems,lol,& here's guilt free place at which to do that.
One more question though: How about calories? Are we in the same ball park with "bad" desserts when it comes to calories here?
E - I really dont recall the calories, but I am SURE that they are all "good" calories and not bad fats and whatnot...
I would check out the website...there is a link up above...
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