Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Another Meme - Again

So I am pet sitting at the glamorous Chateau Rossmore and lemme tell you kids, it's better than eating a cheese sandwich. Tivo, big comfy bed, silence…it’s heaven indeed. Makes finding new digs hard though, since the motivation is low...

The only snafu so far was when the pup ate a bunch of chocolates. Alcohol filled chocolates. The chocolates pictured here in fact. I never even got a one. Sigh. Plus, it turns out, chocolate is really, really bad for our canine friends. Who knew. Needless to say, I was in a dither. Happily, after several calls to the vet, he is fine and I am free to share my answers to the Meme of the month, as given to me by that lovely lass, Miss Sarah of The Delicious Life. And just to be fair, the darling Crazy Gaijin from Nihon No Ryori tagged me for another meme (10 things you don’t know about me) which I seem to have neglected, so I will make this a two-fer. Enjoy!

Four Jobs I have had in my life:
Teaching Cooking
Product Development Test Kitchen
Stringing Pearl Necklaces
Being My Parents Daughter

Four Movies I watch over and over:
True Romance

Double Indemnity
The Big Lebowski

Four Television Shows I love to watch: (I have terrible taste in TV, sorry!)
How I Met Your Mother (if you ever wondered what my friend the Ombudsman looks like, the actor who plays Barney is his doppelganger)
Project Runway
New Scandinavian Cooking

Four Places I have been on vacation:
The Galapagos Islands



Four (almost all non-food) websites I visit daily:
New York Times Online

Four places I would rather be right now:
A massage table at the spa
The dermatologist’s office getting botox
Tom Ford’s house
Having lunch with friends on a patio someplace warm

Four of my favorite foods:

Wasabi Peas

Four places I have lived:
Albuquerque, NM

Selly Park, England
Andover, NH

San Francisco, CA

Now, as if that wasn’t riveting enough, here are 10 random non-food related facts about me:

I am the youngest of my father’s four children, the younger of my mothers two and the second youngest of all eight of us. (You figure it out, I’m confused)

I have been to 49 of the 50 US States

My eyes are hazel

When I’m reading a book, I typically do it in one sitting

There is a baby crying in the office next to mine

I know how to say goodbye in 14 languages

I have serious issues with Proust, but then, don’t we all?

My car is “Atlantic green”

I subscribe to four magazines and two newspapers

My favorite painting of all time is Primeval Resurgence by Lee Krasner


In Torino, Italy, fast food giant McDonalds is launching their new nutritional information packaging. Consumers will now be able to plainly see that a Quarter Pounder With Cheese, has 730 calories. - Brandweek

Tesco, the leading supermarket retailer in the United Kingdom, will be introducing a convenience style store on the West Coast of the US in 2007. Plans are not yet finalized


i just watched chinatown yesterday. it was so good!

how did you get into teaching cooking?
Yea, Chinatown is amazing...

as for how I got into teaching, I just started doing it for friends, got biz cards, set up a website and BAM, clients came. It was really fun, and a lot of work. In the end though, there wasnt much money to be made (at least, the way I was doing it! LOL) Great as a fun after work gig though!
Maybe it is jsut too late here - but I am really confused about how you fit into your family!! :-)

Thanks for that very interesting read. I love reading about the people whose blogs I read regularly.
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Rachael, love your blog.

One question, though:
how is not food-related? ;^)

Also, ever heard of a movie called Mostly Martha (a.k.a. 'Bella Marta')?

A must-see for any food person.

Anyway, great job. Can't wait to try the potato-fennel gratin.
Crazy Gaijin...I did that on purpose...I left out the step siblings...LOL.

And Mr. M - Milk is so much MORE than a food, its a magical elixir!

As for Mostly Martha, it was a superb film, thanks for reminding me!
Just wondering, what is the one state you haven't been to?
Tesco is coming to the US?! Yeah. I've been reading about that chain the British food mags forever. Let's hoope they do a better job of it here on the WEst Coast than Albertsons and Safeway!

How is the new job going?
Tesco is a lot like Trader Joes, they seem to private label most items and sell lots of organics and whatnot. According to the article, they are planning something akin to mini-marts, so we shall see
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