Monday, October 03, 2005


Chai-Poached Pears (Another Vegan Recipe!)

My all-time-favorite-boy, the Ombudsman, has been harassing me lately and I'm not clear what I should do about it. I don't know if it's his sweet and innocent way of trying to get attention, or what, but he keeps needling me to include him in a post, and so, here I am about to do just that. (Well, I actually already am, aren't I?)

The only trouble is, I need something to say that is food related or at least a little bit relevant to this site. We eat out together quite a bit, but that doesn't make for very interesting banter. I could spend a few minutes pimping him out to all the lovely ladies, (because he is indeed super foxy and all kinds of single) or I could ramble on about how deeply and cosmically it concerns me that he is a picky ol' vegan, (The boy is so committed, he refuses to wear wool. Thank goodness he lives in a warm - or these past few days - sweltering - climate) I could just share his deepest darkest secrets (the one about...well, maybe I'll spare you that) or talk a little bit about that time in Vegas when he ate an entire...oh nevermind, that's all a tragic bore.

You know what? I'll just talk about how he really, really needs to start cooking, since he spends far too much of his vast fortune in restaurants...and I think it's just high time he makes something on his own. In the spirit of his vegan crusade (15 years now and counting. Bravo sir! No cheese can tempt YOU!) I will share with you (and him, since heaven knows he is reading this...) a recipe for Chai Poached Pears. A tasty dessert treat I decree every boy should master. It is animal-product-free and to top it all off, the sweet smell of the simmering chai is so heavenly it will set a smile in your heart. (Oh my goodness, I'm a Hallmark card!) Try this, and enjoy!

4 firm pears, peeled, but stems intact
4 chai tea bags
1/4 cup brown sugar
pinch of assorted spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, star anise, or black pepper*
mint leaves for garnish (optional)

*Not all the ingredients were photographed

In a large sauce pan, combine the sugar and tea bags with enough water to submerge the pears. They will float, so you will also need a small heat-proof plate that you can place on top of them, in the pan. Bring the water to a gentle, low, simmer and cook for about 30 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat and take out a 1/2 cup of the brewed tea. Leave the pears in the remaining liquid to cool.

In another small saucepan, reduce the 1/2 cup of liquid down to a thick syrup (about 10 minutes).

Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

To serve, stick a mint leaf into each pear at the stem, and drizzle the syrup over.

Makes four servings

If you don't mind dairy, serve this with a dollop of sweetened cinnamon-creme fraiche or some whipped cream


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L'Shana Tova! This evening is the start of the Jewish New Year. 5766.

Did you make Short Ribs with a Celery Duo for The (Second) Really Big Cook-Off?


three entries no less. Wow! Thanks rachael.
I am happy this IMBB captured your imagination
I like pears and I love tea, but I never thought of putting them together in this way. :)
Sam -
Well, you know, I have a lot of sympathy for the vegan cause and whatnot...maybe Ill try it out for a few weeks, just to soon as I do something with all meat in my fridge...

Beth - I hope you will try it out, its beyond tasty...
Men who eat steak tartar rock my world...why do you think I'm willing to pimp out my favorite boy? Hmm?
I find men who can't switch off the caps lock adorable in a ditzy kind of way.

Sadly pears are going the way of sweaters down here but I'll kepp it in mind. Quark and cinnamon - good.
Hi Rachael,

I saw your post on Joe's blog. I would love to demo the cookies but couldnt find any link?? Anyway you could hook me up with your friend? Hope to hear back from you!

Sure Chloe -
Its here

Scroll to the bottom of the page...

Good luck!

Thanks for posting the link :) We don't have a video camera but it sounds fun!
Your pears look fantasticas! Hugs from Panama :)
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