Tuesday, December 08, 2009


5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Chefs and Food Lovers

Well then kiddies, it’s that time of year again!

Time to get those gifties picked out and who better to help you than lil ol’ me, here at my lil ol’ blog, Fresh Approach.

Just some fun little things for the chefs and food lovers in your life.

I went ahead and chose five things that I know I love and hope you will too!

Happy Holidays!


1. Pig Corkscrew from Graham and Greene.

Is this not the cutest thing you have laid eyes on in ages? I love it and everything about it. Plus, it opens wine...so...you know...bonus!

It’s from a British website though…so, it costs a bit, but they do ship overseas, so fear not, you just have to call and arrange it.

2. Royal VKB and Margriet Foolen’s Slow Cooker from A+R store.

A very chic and modern slow cooker/tagine. I love the design asthetic of this, and that there is a video explaining how to use it. What could be better?

In the winter, it's perfect for making warm, delicious stews, and in the summer, you can (and will!) wow your guests with light fish tagines.

3. Krinos Taramosalata – I don't know how things went down at your house way back when, but when I was a little girl my parents always put this out for cocktail parties. It's a caviar spread that captures the taste of the ocean without the pricetag of the Sturgeon stuff.

It’s also the ideal thing to offer with pita or crudite.

Salty, creamy, perfection! If you have never had it, it's worth checking out. Great stocking stuffer, too. Of course.

4. The Forking Fantastic Cookbook – Zora O’Neill and Tamara Reynolds are two ladies who run a supper club in Astoria Queens, (And I think we all know how I feel about supper clubs!) and I have to say…they really are fantastic.

Get a copy and read all about their culinary adventures. Then try their Fried Chicken For a Crowd recipe. Omg, yum.

5. Pewter Place Card Holders.

I know, I already sent you to the Pig Corkscrew, and now these. But seriously…how sweet are these? Plus, they are from Hazelnut New Orleans, a really great store that I am pretty sure you will love.

Okay kids, that's all! I hope you found some inspiration! Have a terrific holiday season and see you in 2010!!!!


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