Sunday, November 27, 2005


My Blog Went Up In Flames!

While trying to rationalize posting my hideous looking (but delicious tasting) Shortbread Cookie pictures for this months IMBB/SHF I had an idea.

I thought as a one off, people could submit your WORST/just plain bad food shot. Obviously, it does not have to have been posted, but bonus points if another version was.

Winners will be judged on the following:

- Description
- Is is obvious what it was? The less obvious, the better
- Lighting
- Backstory
- Unappetizingness (Not a word, but you get my point)

I certainly have a huge back log of terrible shots (Grey Swedish Meatballs in garishly violet Lingonberry cream sauce with a blinding glare, anyone?) and would love to see what YOU have too.

So, if you dare, please email your shots to by December 4th, I will compile a list with links for the next week.

That is a hysterical idea. I definitely have way too many heinous shots to choose from! :)
I hate you for making me do this to myself. Post prepped for publising on thursday. In the meantime, I hope the suspense kills you.

[only kidding, sweetie]
Sam, I am having chest pains in anticipation...LOL

Cant wait to read/see.

What I have gotten so far from people has been amazing.
I have only a phone camera, so all my food looks unappetizing.
okay, so i am still stuck in the *gasp!* OC cooking five meals a day for my whole entire Asian Brady bunch of a family that has decided to move into my parents' house to take care of the baby. i have been living in my Dad's library, and am WITHOUT my own laptop to blog and do stuff, so when i get back to LA, i will send a pic,...soooo late! lol!
i am a bit late for this challenge, right? sam from becks & posh drew my attention to this post (and your blog) because i was thinking about all these ever so beautiful food blog posts lately ... shouldn't there be a monthly food blog event like "my blog went up in flames"? in my oppinion: there should be something that reminds us that we are not always so perfect and the photos are not always so beautiful ... thank you for this inspirational post!
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