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Blueberry and Corn Salsa with Grilled Chicken

Okay, kids. You wanna jazz up dinner? You want salsa but with a bit of showmanship and some free-radical love (hate? Free radicals confuse me. I just know the blueberries in this dish fight them. Ward them off? Whichever is best. That's what blueberries do. They fight the good fight without you even knowing it.)? You want to impress your friends and family? Look no further.

This is gonna rock your world and leave you wanting more. (We made 4 cups worth tonight. It's gone. Need I say more?) Drench some chicken with it. (Mom and Pops couldn't get enough.) Serve it with chips. (Bro macked it down.) Eat it right from the pan. (Guilty as charged.) Or...try it over Momofuku style corn-flake infused ice-cream. You might think it sounds strange, but it's so good, your head might explode. 

So, I urge you to try this my peaches, and enjoy. xoxo

Serves 4 – 6

1 teaspoon vegetable oil
¼ cup red onion, diced
¼ cup red pepper, diced
¼ cup corn kernels
½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries
2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
½ tablespoon white sugar
Coarse ground black pepper, to taste

In a small sauté pan, heat the oil over medium high heat. Add the onion, peppers and corn and sauté until translucent, stirring often. Will take about 4 minutes. Add the blueberries, white balsamic vinegar* and sugar. Stir to combine. Taste and add more sugar as needed. Finish with black pepper. 

Serve with grilled chicken, or as a salsa with chips. For the photo, I pan seared a chicken breast and topped it with the salsa. Gotta say, of the myriad dishes I made with blueberries tonight, this was one of the top contenders. Wow is it tasty.

*white balsamic vinegar is available in most grocery stores, or online. White balsamic blends white grape must with white wine vinegar and is cooked at a low temperature to avoid any darkening. You can always subsitute dark balsamic if needed. 


This recipe was created as part of my tribute to blueberries, and as an entry in the "Blueberries Meet Their Match" contest, sponsored by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. Check them out, here. I wonder if they would like my slogan ... "Everyone knows blueberries are the most super-cool of the super fruits." 

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