Friday, October 17, 2008


Drink of the Week: Tomato Martini

In honor of Columbus Day - a holiday I have never really understood or gotten behind – The Ombudsman and I took a little day trip to San Juan Capistrano.

Have you been? What a fabtastical little town! So lovely and tranquil and darling. Just a slice of purdy. You must, must, must go. The best of the California Missions for sure. No doubt. Loved it.

And after a day full of history and architecture, my good friend didn't have to ask where I thought our next stop should be.

With the lingering light and languid mood, we knew inherently that a cocktail was in order.

So we went by our favorite bar, (the one I can walk home from if need be) looking forward to imbibing in one of their delicious signature drinks.

Not shockingly, it was closed. Not sure if it was the hour (4:30), the day (Monday) or the fact it was a holiday…but none-the-less, we were left standing on the sidewalk – parched.


But after such a flawless day, this wasn’t going to get me down. Oh no, no.
I just had to make my own libation and watch the sun set on another perfect day.

That all being in the past and today being Friday though…I suggest you make one of these yourself. It’s a grown-up bevvie with a hint of Bloody Mary and a kiss of gazpacho. Sweet and sharp, if it sounds appealing chances are you will love it.

Now try it my peaches, and taste the joy.

2 ounces vodka, chilled
3 each cherry tomatoes
2 slices cucumber
Dash of Tabasco
Squeeze of lemon
Olives for garnish

Rinse a small glass with water and place in your freezer, upside-down until frosty.

Meanwhile, add the tomatoes, cucumber, Tabasco and vodka to a large glass. Crush the tomatoes with the end of a long wooden spoon. Strain in to the chilled glass. Add lemon to taste.

Serve with olives.

Makes one incredibly strong cocktail. Please drink responsibly.

(The tomatoes, cucumber, olives and lemon were local. The vodka came via Russia. So, it was a pretty local drink actually.)

© 2008 Fresh Approach Cooking

© 2008 Rachael at "Fresh Approach Cooking"

The Gold Medal is one of the sweetest tomatoes.

California is the only state in the U.S. where olives are commercially grown.

Chicken soup, which has been used for years as an effective home remedy to deal with the common cold, can also help fight high blood pressure, researchers in Japan have learned. Study leader Ai Saiga, a researcher from Nippon Meat Packers, says that chicken breast contains collagen proteins with effects similar to ACE inhibitors, mainstay medications for treating high blood pressure. - Japan Herald


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