Monday, July 28, 2008


Drink of the Week: Vegetarian Bacon Martini

Okay, I give up. When did this whole "bacon" thing become a trend?

Are you kids really just clamoring for that much more bacon in your lives?

So much so that it has to invade the sacred realm of cocktails? (Well - as a purist, I consider it a sacred realm. Anyone out there adding things like chocolate and six varieties of fruit may beg to differ. In fact, to them, the realm as it were could be categorized as a bit of a free for all, or a brave new world, wouldn't you say?)

I guess so.

I mean, as the sweet boys (so dang sweet) at the local hot spot Animal can attest, bacon-chocolate combo desserts are pretty much the must-try treat these days. Almost everyone who saunters through the door at their minimalist space tops off their dinner with it.

Downright wacky stuff, eh?

So in the interest of trying my hand at the more-bacon wave, I started asking around, "What would you put in a bacon martini?" Because, facts being facts, I prefer a cocktail to dessert any day. Uh-huh. Drink it up!

The responses to my query started out quite basic (try bacon infused vodka) and then rapidly started veering in to places that would make a hog-farmer wince. And might make a distiller cry. Not to mention the elaborate schememing and garnishing being described would have involved a battery of kitchen equipment...never a good thing once the drinking has commenced...

So I pulled back and went simple. Followed my heart. Kept it chic.

What I ended up concocting not only works well with bacon dishes, but doesn't actually include any honest-to-goodness porcine delight. (Having tried a few bacon vodkas I deemed it not up to my standards. Or appealing to my palate. Heck, I just plain didn't care for it I tells ya!) The secret to its pork-like taste is thanks to my friendly shaker of Bacon Salt. When used as a garnish it just adds that certain something to the heady and smoky bevvie. And downing one of these will knock you on your you-know-what.

In other words…it’s perfect.

Now try it my peaches, and taste the joy.

Scotch Whisky (the smokier the better)
Bacon Salt
Cocktail Onions

Pour three parts vodka to one part whisky over a mixing glass full of ice. Cap and shake vigorously.

Pour no more than two ounces (its straight alcohol! You don’t want to fall over after one!) in to a glass that you have rimmed with bacon salt.

Garnish with onions and serve.

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For 1,200 years, an imperial edict banned the eating of meat because of a Japanese Buddhist belief that it was unclean. Fish was central to the Japanese diet, and meat was consumed furtively, only for medicinal purposes. In 1872, Emperor Meiji lifted the ban, “To catch up with and overtake the superior culture of the West.” NY Times

Want to see a photo of a bacon-chocolate martini. Here's one!

In the early 1800s salt was four times as expensive as beef on the American frontier - it was essential in keeping people and livestock alive. - Food


OK, well, clearly AS a vegetarian, I am not up on this whole bacon trend... so bacon in a drink (any drink) sounded really frightening to me... however I use the Bacon Salt you showed here... and like it a lot, so I am actually secretly intrigued by this whole drink...
LOL. Now that you say that, I guess I should have called it a Bacon Martini sans Bacon...

And having tried the bacon infused vodka, I certainly would never order such a thing. (REALLY not to my taste) So this just captures what I think people really like about bacon - the smoke and the salt.
I am so intrigued at what this martini must taste like! I've been seeing Bacon Salt more and more, I really need to try it.
Bacon infused vodka, huh? Interesting. At PDT in NYC you can get a bacon-infused bourbon. I actually liked it, but didn't need much more than a few swigs.
Rachael, I googled 'okra and slime' and somehow landed your blog. I got so consumed in reading and laughing at your humor that I forgot about the stinkin' okra!
Great blog. Love your humor. I bookmarked your link so I can try some of your recipes.
Glad I came across this site.
I've done a bunch of stuff on Bacon and adult beverages. You can check it out here.
I'm doing one every Monday until I run out of ideas.
Bacon vodka is great mixed in drinks, not so much straight.
Don't be surprised if you get a mention. Now I'm off to find that chocolate bacon martini.
-Kelly Hightower
what! bacon?! mmmmmmmmmm bacon (in the words of homer simpson)
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