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Mushroom Pate

I write in books. I write in books in ink. I write in books in black ink that sometimes smears across the smooth pages because despite my attentions I am still a left handed writer.

I am forever underlining passages and leaving myself small comments in the margins.

A book is a personal item, to be devoured, and the notes that lie within are my mark. They remind me of where my mind was when I was reading it, or where I wanted my mind to go. Much like this site.

Since this is my habit, it should come as no surprise that I have little scribblings scattered throughout my cookbook collection too. Usually phrases no more descript than “Made, 1/25/06. Perfect.” But just enough info for me to recall the dish, the meal, and the company it was made for. Always a wonderful thing. Like a small notation on my life.

I can open any number of recipe collections and be transported as easily as I am by my favorite authors of fiction. With the words upon the pages come memories of good friends and good food. All of them blessings.

Now, tomorrow is my birthday, and we are going to a simple and beautiful restaurant that evokes so many memories for me. Memories of lovely times spent with new friends, old friends, family and loved ones. It is a place I retreat to for a quiet evening of fine dining in a graceful setting. It is old and new all at once, and it is perfection. I dream of their food, and the calm it brings me.

And yet, I do not have a copy of the cookbook they created, and therefore there is not a word in my hand etched out within. Perhaps I will fix that. And then I can recall what I am certain will be a fabulous meal.

This is just a recipe I have never written down, so in the spirit of keeping this site as my personal storehouse, I will post it now.

Try it my peaches, and taste the joy.

1 pound button mushrooms
1/2 pound cremini mushrooms
2 tablespoons butter
1 shallot, minced
2 teaspoons herbs de Provence
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1/4 cup heavy cream
Salt and black pepper
Bay leaf for garnish

Mince the mushrooms until very fine.

Melt the butter in a large saute pan. Cook the shallot until translucent, then add the mushrooms and herbs. Saute until cooked through.

Remove 3/4 of the mixture and add to a food processor with the cream. Process until smooth. Remove and taste. Add salt and pepper. Add back the remaining mushrooms. To fancy it up, put into a large ramekin, top with a bit more herbs de Provence and a bay leaf Chill and serve with crackers.

© 2008 Fresh Approach Cooking

Soda makers, Dr Pepper has promised that if Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose releases "Chinese Democracy" at any point in 2008, everyone in America will receive a free can of Dr. Pepper.

Kosher salt weighs at least 26 percent less by volume than table salt. That means if you use a 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt in a recipe calling for 1/4 teaspoon of table salt, you’re adding too little.

Lucques was chosen by Los Angeles Magazine as the number one restaurant (out of 75) in LA in their March, 2007 issue. “As native Angelenos, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne understood something about the city’s dual fascination with what’s fleeting and what’s permanent. Lucques captures this paradox. It has the snap of the new and the ease of the classical. Goin’s cooking style, Mediterranean in its inspiration, quietly flirts with the traditional repertoire. The restaurant defines the city’s laid-back luxury; it is gracious and timeless and, dare we say it, grand.”

Nacho-cheese-flavor Doritos, which contain five separate forms of glutamate, may be even richer in umami than the finest kombu dashi (kelp stock) in Japan. - NY Times

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy your wonderful dinner out!
Hope you have an excellent birthday. The pate looks like a great alternative to your typical liver version (which in itself is no bad thing, mind you).
I hope you have a truly fabulous birthday celebration. I write all over my cookbook pages too, I think it's the sign of a creative mind. (That's our story and we're sticking to it!)
What is the restaurant? And the name of their cookbook?
Thank you all for the wishes. It was a FABTASTIC day.

And AT - Lucques. 2Die4 food. Yum.
Late to the party, I know, but best wishes, love.

Beautiful pate. Another scribbler down here! Always underlining and adjusting. Hadn't thought to notate who and when...another excellent tip.
Happy b-day (belated)! This pate looks lovely! I would love some right this moment!
I simultaneously LOL at the umami of doritoes & crave a bag right now! I too had a fabulous meal at Lucques last wednesday! Happy birthday and have a beautiful year!
Divine-sounding pate - bet it was delicious! Hope you had a wonderful birthday too.
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