Saturday, March 22, 2008


Blogging By Mail - Fantastic Treats!!!

First, before I start gushing and getting all over the top and grateful, I should explain that I took part in Blogging By Mail, an event that really is just the best thing ever.

In brief, participants names and addresses are added to the virtual pot, then names are drawn and voila, everyone gets a few little treats in the mail. All of this courtesy of Stephanie at uber-blog Dispensing Happiness. Is that a good time waiting to happen or what?

And now, on the the gushing...

Oh WOW. I feel like I won a prize package or something!

I got a simply lovely, and truly generous and kind package from that dear, sweet, love of a woman Brilynn of everyone's favorite site Jumbo Empanadas. She not only drew me a card (so sweet!) but she included a shot glass with the Canadian Maple leaf on it (it's as if the dear-heart just knew I love a good shot of Canadian Whiskey every here and again. And again.) then there were two sets of mini fluted tart molds (Oh the possibilities!) not one, but two Coffee Crisp bars (which have yet to be devoured) a giant bag of one of my all time favorite spices, paprika, from Toronto's House of Spice. (So nice! So nice!).

But wait, there's more!

She included a really fun peeler that actually does a julienne strip and a packet of Bali Breeze tea from The Language of the Leaf. (Canadian businesses sure do have excellent names, don't they! Love it!) That smells too good to be true. There was a Fair trade (yeah!), organic (yeah!) Cocoa Camino Matcha Green Tea candy bar that I ate in small nibbles, enjoying every moment of. And to tempt my sweet tooth even more, there are two pieces of candy that I am going to have to ask her about directly, since I cannot identify them.

My very mostest favorite thing was a bag of dried strawberry candies that were so sweet and juicy I almost wanted to pinch them! (What can I say, that's my reaction to sweet and juicy things.)

And last but not least, that gem of a woman included a copy of the film Waitress. Seriously folks, is she a peach or what.

I know its a bit strange to read me post about a few things I got in the mail, but I am so touched by Brilynn's spirit and the whole spirit of this event that I hope you are inspired and will sign up for the next round. My heart is so full of joy right now!

Of course, I was a bit of a slacker in mailing my gifty out, but there is a package on it's way to Little Spatula in Naperville, IL right now, so hopefully it will be there soon...(Update: It arrived!)

Thank you again to Brilynn for her wonderful package, and to Stephanie for organizing such a thing, and to you all for reading my silly little blog.


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So glad it made it to you safe and sound!
What an incredibly fun activity, exchanging thru blogs like that! I've done similar at Christmas, but this is better because it's just random, middle of spring, no-occassion sort of exchanging! And WOW, you hit the jackpot, what lovely goodies!!

Great blog too.
What a wonderful package! I too have signed up for BBM and sent my package off to England only to receive one from Ireland. It's such a great event and a wonderful way to learn and share.

You have a great blog!
Ooh - great package of goodies! Isn't it such a great event? That peeler sounds great.
I really fancy thpse Coffee Crisp Bars - they sound delish! Great package.
What a great package to receive! Have fun playing with all your goodies!
Great package! You got spoiled, well deserved!
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