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Beets & Onions & Carrots with Trader Joe's Dried Fuji Apples

While browsing the menu in some of your local dining establishments, you may have noticed the propensity of the proprietors to describe every last itsy bitsy thing that will be on each tantalizing platter, should you opt to order it.

So much so, that when you order the such-and-such with a dusting of blah-blah and sprinkling of whatnots, you can actually end up deflated that the whatnots appeared in such small quantities so as not to have exactly merited being mentioned...driving you to distraction, or worse, dissatisfaction.

And yet...

This excessive description behaviour continues.

Why is this do you suppose?

Me, I think it is because the person crafting your first impression of the victuals, wants you to know exactly what they are proposing you consume. They want no surprises. No one sending a piled high round of porcelain back to the kitchen untouched, based on the fact an offensive component had not been described.

And in all makes total sense to me.

I mean, I tend to get amped imagining the Grass Fed Neiman Ranch Porter House Steak on a bed of Star Route Farms Arugula (I have no idea if the good people of Star Route really grow that, but I'm a touch lazy at this moment, and will just have to ask you to indulge me on that one. It was the first name that came to mind. I could have just as easily said Bellweather Farms, though, I think they make goat cheese...oh...nevermind) with Fennel Pollen and Maytag Blue Cheese on a Acme Sourdough Baguette Crouton with a dusting of fresh ground Malabar Black Pepper. But if after all that, a smattering of Paramount Farms Salt Roasted Pistachios make a guest appearance, well, that can throw a girl. Perhaps prompting a return.

So I say, keep up the novel writing approach. It suits me just fine.

This dish too, has all its components up front. Sweet, crunchy, boldly beautiful. It would make a menu proud.

Try it, and taste the joy.

3 large beets, roasted
1 large red onion, sliced
3 large carrots, peeled and cut into matchsticks
2 oz package Trader Joe's Dried Fuji Apples, Diced (or any dried apples, though, I gotta say, these things are beyond amazingly delicious.)
3 Teaspoons red wine vinegar
Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

Peel and slice the beets. Toss with the onions, carrots and apples. Season with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

Serves six as a side dish


Figgy Pudding dates back to 17th century England. The ancestor of figgy pudding (and plum pudding) is a medieval spiced porridge known as "Frumenty". Today, the term figgy pudding is known mainly because of the popular Christmas carol; We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Sufganiot are jelly filled Israeli donuts, typically made on Hanukkah

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I know what you mean, especially when you see the word truffle. I always get disappointed when the dish comes and there is barely a smidgen of the stuff on there, that you will need a microscope to find it. Anyway great salad, I love anything with beets.

And thank you so much for nominating me in the Food Blog Awards- Photography on the Well Fed Network.
You are spot on with this post. :) Beautifully colored salad.
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