Thursday, October 11, 2007


Classic Waldorf Salad with Fresh Tarragon

There is much about our dear boy the Ombudsman that puts me to shame.

For instance, there is his unwavering commitment to civic life, his energy efficient car, and of course, the fact he doesn't own a television.

Okay, that last bit just confuses me really. But only because he will comment on current shows, or funny commercials, all without having a set to call his own...

But recently, like a primitive life form emerging from the primordial mists of hit me how he pulls of this parlor trick...he watches programs on his laptop.
And in the same brilliant flash, I registered that so could I.

And that my I have been.

No, not watching reruns of Mr. Bean (that honor goes to the boy...) no, I just spent approx. 44 hours of my life over the last few days watching shows I never knew existed. Eyes like saucers in the dark...mindlessly absorbing videos for songs I had almost forgotten existed, reveling in the beauty of Mr. Belvedere, circa 1987. (I have terrible taste in tv, what can I say...) Feasting on all sorts of wonderments produced by our friends at the BBC. And catching up on Heroes. Episode after episode of Heroes.

I'm a changed woman I tell you. Changed.

And while my mind was going did the vast majority of the contents of my fridge.

But I am a resourceful gal. Oh yes, indeedeeeeeeee. I am. I pushed aside the jars of mustard, and that bag of green slime, that may or may not have started out as basil, and I made me a meal. An astonishing meal.

A meal for the ages.

All that and I was able to use some fresh tarragon. My herb-du-jour, and the only green thing still discernible in the crisper drawer.

It was Waldorf Salad, and lo, it was a delight. Easy-breezy to make, and all the ingredients were on hand.

What more could a telly-addict ask for...

2 T. mayo (mmm. Mayo.)
1 tsp. fresh tarragon, minced
1 tsp. lemon juice
pinch each, salt and sugar
2 large green apples, large dice
1 cup red grapes, halved
2 stalks celery, large dice
1/4 cup walnuts, toasted

Combine the mayo, tarragon and lemon juice. Add salt and sugar as needed.

Toss the rest of the ingredients in a bowl along with the mayo dressing. Taste, adjust seasonings as needed, and serve.

Serves two

Created at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in 1896 by maître d'hôtel, Oscar Tschirky, the Waldorf salad was an instant success. The original version of this salad contained only apples, celery and mayonnaise. Chopped walnuts later became an integral part of the dish.

"You're the top, you're a Waldorf salad". - Anything Goes/Cole Porter

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when i was a kid, a waldorf salad landed me in the hospital after i put much of it up my nose.

i don't think i would put this one up my nose, it looks delicious.
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