Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Drink of the Week/Made In LA: Dark and Stormy

Sometimes a girl just needs a bit of refreshment to help wash away the blues...

That would be today for me. Without launching into particulars, I will just say that this has to go on record for being the downer week of the summer. The kind of week a nice girl like me doesn't enjoy, or merit.


But after a good long pout, I turned that frown upside down. I got glam, I went out and I got myself happy. Opened wide and let the sunshine in. Or in this case...the rain clouds.

And as I have mentioned once or twice over the past few weeks, I have glommed on to this wonderful new bev (well, new to me) that sends me over the moon.

The amazing, Dark and Stormy.

Doncha just love it?

Made with crisp-spicy ginger beer and sweet-spicy rum, it is the perfect summer delight.


If you can't find ginger beer (which is not always beer by the way...) go on and just whip these up with regular ginger ale (which is never ale by the way) and enjoy.

1 bottle ginger beer

Pour some rum into a nice tall glass filled with ice(yes, the one in the photo is short, but my tall glasses dont photograph well...)top with the ginger beer and enjoy.

Rinse and repeat.


In LA and looking for a bar that serves this? My perpetual haunt, The Mandrake down Culver City way is a great option, as is Blue on Blue at the Avalon in Beverly Hills...

You can buy Cock and Bull Ginger Beer online at the stupendous Soda Pop Stop, at Wally's Wines on Westwood, or (where I got it) at Vendome on Olympic in Beverly Hills.

Cock 'N Bull Ginger Beer is the famous ginger beer that was served for decades in the Cock 'N Bull Pub in Hollywood, CA. There is also a brand with the same name made in the UK.

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OMG thats too weird...my husband just made me one tonight!! I'm drinking it now.
Never heard of this one before, but it sounds perfect!
I love both ginger ale and ginger beer, so this cocktail would be a hit :)
Whadda day. Someone please tell me how we managed to work (often at less than delightful jobs), raise our families, retire with (just) enough money, and never get into trouble, not then, not now. Must be that we are boring. Luckily (?), our children aren't so boring. One today had his car impounded because he did not pay a moving violation ticket. Natch, he does not have the money to pay the $300 to get car unimpounded and I get once more to use my frequent-payer mullah with Western Union. Yes, I shouldn't, but he can't get to work without the car. Yes, I am an enabler..... and/or a parent. Says he'll repay on Thursday. Please know I will not hold my breath. All kids are over 30 now too. All of which is leading up to say that I would like sympathy and a "Dark and Stormy" or three or four. I feel better already. Thanx for listening.
Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a ginger beer smile!
This summer, I've been making mojitos with ginger ale instead of tonic water. HELLO! So if you have some mint leaves around, you could maybe throw some in the Dark and Stormy? Anyway, I say "mojito, mo happy!"
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