Saturday, June 30, 2007


How to Drink for Free In Los Angeles

Guess what my dears!

It's the first weekend of the month!

And do you have any idea what that means?

Open Houses! AKA - Free drink night at all the local (and there are many, I assure you...) Los Angeles art galleries!

Because I don't just like food, I like art...and drinking for free...

So if you want to start out this hot summer night by combining art viewing with getting your drink on, you too can join the fray; at locations such as Bergamot Station (Where one of my favorite artists, Jeff Gillette has a group show this month!) or the impressive Culver City Art Walk .

Or perhaps you want to pop by my glorious neighborhood, and visit the world famous Acme Gallery (and by my neighborhood, I mean, I live so close by, I actually fight these people for parking spots on a daily basis. And lemme tell ya, judging by the plethora of mase-arris and lambor-otus type vehicles, I think we are all in the wrong business...)

The galleries are usually open from 6-9 and as an incentive to have you cruise in, they offer incredibly cheap beer and wine on a first come first serve basis. That said, they also offer expensive art, to counter balance, I'm sure.

And by cheap beer and wine, I mean, "Hello Charles Shaw" and "How ya doin' Tecate?"

Though on occasion, a few other options are thrown in...(Sometimes new companies like to do sponsorship things, though it is inevitably a fruity vodka or an electric colored wine cooler...) in other words, the art may be interesting and conversational and whatnot, but the beverages are more of the "hey, lets get a quick buzz on" variety.

Just warning you is all.

So join the fun, check out some art (you may be surprised, there is usually some pretty great stuff.), mingle with the masses (who, this being LA, are not all dressed in black, but are still a bit on the "arty" side...this being art and all...just to warn you) and have a great night!

This being a food blog, I should also say that if you do end up at Acme, or its neighbors Milo or Weinberg, the dining options in the area are a bit limited (Sizzler anyone?) so you may want to head a few blocks south to Little Ethiopia, or just keep going east on Wilshire to Korea Town...

But if you are heading to Culver City, Fresh is a good option, as is Bottle Rock. Delightful spots. There are a ton more to choose from, of course, so I don't think you will have trouble.

For Santa Monica dining, I will refer you to Miss Sarah, who is so much more schooled in those matters.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a rockin' good time. And remember the old saying...
Beer before liquor never felt sicker,
Liquor before wine, everythings fine,
Wine before...oh wait, I think that's wrong...lemme start that again...
Wine before beer never fear...

Oh wait, that's wrong too...okay, ignore me and just stick with being a responsible drinker!


Big kisses,


Andy Warhol first painted Cambell's Soup Cans in 1964.
British, European, and American beers differ markedly in flavor and content, but are brewed similarly. In the U.S., where the word beer is generally understood to mean lager beer (beer stored for a time before being sold), the beverage contains on the average 90 percent water, 3.5 percent alcohol by weight, 0.5 percent carbon dioxide, and 6 percent extractives consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and aromatic flavorings. It is produced by bottom-fermenting yeasts, that is, yeasts that settle to the bottom, act slowly, and develop the brew at relatively low temperatures. -


Omg, I'm a monkey, omg. - the omdudsman.
(Do strangers think you are cool?)
Lol - he's drunk & traumatized...- Rachael
(Yes, bitch.)
(There you go. No no that's it. T. O
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The ombudsman is a hottie, as long as he keeps buying the drinks...
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