Thursday, May 17, 2007


Macerated Strawberries

Oh you sweet people, how I love you so. You make me all grin-ee. (That’s right, grin-ee.) Even when I am deep in the fog of a head-cold (pout, pout and double pout) I get comments and emails and the sheer thrill of the outpouring of cyber-lovin’.

Thank you all so much. That lil’ quiz below and all your answers, made my day. And for your reading pleasure, I will be including my very own answers soon.

But today, alas, all I can focus on is ingesting mass quantities of vitamin-C in hopes that I will somehow emerge from this tunnel of ick into the bright sunshine of health.

And knowing me (as I feel you do! I do!), no cure is complete without a tiny dose of pizzazz, right? Which leads me to this simple recipe for macerated strawberries. As simple to throw together as can be, it is sweet glory. Inspired eating and just plain delish. Try some today, and see.

2 pints strawberries, hulled and quartered
2 T. white sugar
3 T. orange liquor
A tiny pinch of salt
An even tinier pinch of black pepper
Mint and whipped crème fraiche for garnish

Combine the berries, sugar and booze. Let sit for 15 minutes, minimum. Toss once or twice, then add the salt and pepper, and serve with whipped crème fraiche.

Serves four to six


Macerate: To soak foods, usually fruit, in liquid so they absorb the liquid's flavor. The macerating liquid is usually alcohol, liqueur, wine, brandy or sugar syrup. Macerate is also frequently applied to fruits sprinkled with sugar, which intensifies natural flavor of the fruit by drawing out its juices.

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I'm new to this macerating strawberries business - I've always eaten strawberries plain. But recently I saw a recipe for hibiscus-macerated strawberries over at Chez Pim, and now orange liqueur macerated ones. Seems like the thing to do this summer:)
love the pinch of black pepper. Would not have thought of that!
Pille - yes, its simple and delish.

Erin - thanks! I forgot to mention when to put it in in that recipe though. Lol.
Hope you're getting over your cold Rachael! I tried your lavender creme brulee & loved it!
heh heh... she said macerate... heh heh

OMG that was so juvenile, but I had to do it!
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