Wednesday, May 09, 2007


In N' Out Burger versus My Father's Office


Why I love The Ombudsman* in 100 words or less...

Well, I think someone ranked (local beer and wine bar) Father’s Office as having, like, the best burger in the country or something...

Pfft. I’ve had better.

(Mocking incredulousness) Where?

In N’ Out.

That's my boy.


* As a friend.

Photo from the In N’ Out website.

I got a few emails about this post, so I thought I should explain the joke (groan)...In N' Out is a local chain that sells really tasty burgers. (I didn't call them fast food because I once read the average wait time for an order is 19 minutes, but other than that, they do qualify as a fast food chain.) They are an LA institution and people LOVE them. My boy The Ombudsman included.


Why dont you just marry him already? Just friends, my great-aunt-fanny...
"My-great-aunt-Fanny?" You are so funny!
Seriously, though. You two should get married. Unless there are impediments.

I still dream of In n Out burgers, and I haven't lived in LA since 1985.
I'm glad you classified the friend status!
hahah he funny, ya fathers office isnt as good as The Counter either. mmmmm them good burgers....
I just moved to NY and I am missing In N Out!! I am an LA girl, born and raised.

This is great! Gotta love them burgers.

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