Thursday, April 19, 2007


Wao Bao Chicago - Hot Asian Buns

You know what I LOVE?

Hot Asian Buns.

Oh yea.

And here is how I got my hands on some...

I was in Chicago for, like, I dunno, 26 hours last week and my only requirement (other than celebrating the occasion that brought me there.) was a stop at Wow Bao.

Sure, sure there is amazing, sublime, fantastically local food in Chi-Town, but when a girl is in a hurry and a sit down meal isn't on the agenda, this is the way to go.

Bao. Steamed buns. Chewy, savory, delicious.

Available in the lobby of the Water Tower building. Limited menu (six to choose from including whole-wheat energy - pictured, classic pork, etc.), at the wallet friendly price of $1.29. All that and freshly made Pomegranate-GingerAle. Yum, yum and double yum.

And you may be asking, why does a girl who trys to support small businesses and lives in a town that has a huge and vibrant local Chinese-American population go to another city and eat a Fast-Food Westernized version of a classic that I can get pretty much anywhere here? My answer? Not really sure. I just loves it.

But you know what? Maybe it is because this place is the BEST.

There you go kids, yet another scintillating restaurant review courtesy of Fresh Approach. If you are in the area, stop in, and enjoy. Why not, right?


What is bao? A classic, steamed yeast bun, filled with marinated pork, and soy and oyster sauce

Restaurant group Lettuce Entertain You owns and operates 31 establishments in the Chicago area, including award winning Tru

David Jung, founder of Los Angeles' Hong Kong Noodle Company, created the fortune cookie in 1916


wow--i could go for one of those RIGHT NOW. Too bad I'm about to get in bed....
I agree with you. It's fantastic! Every time I go to Chicago I always go to have some baos. Even I have taken them home frozen. I'm from Spain. Imagine.
as a new chicago transplant i'm eager to find great restaurants, etc. Wow Bao is officially my nu fav "gourmet fast food" place. i've always wondered how a steamed bun tastes, answer:delicious; as was the green-gingerale. i now understand the "wow" in bao.
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