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Swedish Delights - Care of Clivia's Cuisine

(Note: This post is from an age ago. Like, January I think. I have NO clue why I forgot to post it. Sorry!)

I was super excited when I got a call from The Boy Who Works Too Much informing me that a package had arrived and was at the Post Office waiting for pick up.

What could it be? I hadn’t ordered anything. There were no holiday gifts lost in the mail. I speculated for a few minutes before it dawned on me what it might be. (Hey kids, I'm just not the brightest girl, okay?)

I jumped up and down with glee. Could it be? So soon?

My winnings from Menu of Hope? A package of Swedish delights from the original delight herself, Kristina?

The anticipation of picking it up nearly killed me. I had to wait till morning. I could hardly stand it.

I got there and waited patiently for my turn. I handed my slip to Lucille (she is good people. She knows me well) who disappeared into the back. A few minutes later, she reappeared, smiled and handed it over.

I ran to my car and debated if I should tear open the package then or wait until later. I went for it.

I could NOT believe my eyes. I beheld such a bounty of sweets I almost went into insulin shock. It was like a childhood dream come true.

As an added bonus, the most lovely Kristina had put in a postcard, some tea, (which is filling my kitchen with the most amazing vapor as we speak) and an absolutely scrumptious looking Swedish Cookbook that I cannot wait to dive in to. She is such a doll!

I didn’t know what candy to try first. Logic helped deduce what most of them were but not all. (The packaging not being in English and whatall) I went for the smallest packet, Salta Katten which turns out was black licorice. I next tried something called Djungelvral. The most popular candy in Sweden it seems. Well, it shocked the heck out of me. It was - salt covered licorice. I'll leave that for another time. Cultural taste differences and whatot.

But it was the sweet car-shaped marshmallows that caught me. Bilar. I could not stop eating them. Oh heavens were they good. Chewy, fruity and perfect. Like nothing I had ever had before. I only wish I hadn't gobbled them all up like the greedy-gretchen I am, because just mentioning them to you I am craving more.

So my overall experience with Swedish candy is this. While salt-covered licorice is the national candy of choice over there, I am prone to think that their marshmallows (and chocolates) are world class goodies. And my overall thoughts on Kristina is that she is a woman after my heart, and my sweet tooth.

So a million thanks Kristina, and to the confection makers of Sweden. My hat is off to you! (And now, I should go make a dentist appointment...)


Switzerland and Sweden topped world candy consumption in 2006, according to Caobisco, the trade organization for the European Union candy business. The Swiss ate more chocolate per capita than any other country: 23.4 pounds, up four percent from 2000. Sweden topped world consumption figures for non-chocolate candy, including gum, with a per capita consumption of 25.6 pounds, a 17,5 percent increase from 2005.

Marshmallow: A light, spongy confection made of mostly sugar

The expression “a cup of Joe” to denote coffee, was first coined during WWII, when American servicemen (G.I. Joe) were identified as big coffee drinkers


I live in Switzerland, and we definitely eat a LOT of chocolate. Thank goodness we do a lot of walking! You can get some of those candies at IKEA by the way. :)
I do love the food section at IKEA, great idea. If they were only not located in the (far, trafficy.) Valley...LOL
Hi Rachael,
I apologize about contacting you through a post, but I couldn’t find an alternate way to reach you. My name is Simon and I am working with USA Rice on their 2007 recipe contest. I was hoping to talk to you about your blog, the kind of information you like to receive from public relations professionals and if you ever post information about contests. Our entry deadline is fast approaching (April 15!) and with short notice I don’t expect anything, but I would like to talk to you more. I am new to the blogging scene and would love any information you could share about your site, what you like to receive and how I can work as a resource for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Simon Bowers | Account Coordinator
USA Rice Federation
424 Second Avenue West
Seattle, Washington 98119
p: 206.270.4641 | f: 206.270.4656
Rachael, I am so glad you liked everything (the djungelvral is tricky though, I know!), and just ask me if you wonder anything!
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