Monday, March 05, 2007


Salmon Tartare & Fava Bean Salad

I was supposed to bring food to a Post LA-Marathon Party on Sunday afternoon.

Something indulgent, but light, high in protein, but balanced. A tricky combo indeed.

Now, as an aside, I really shouldn’t go into my thoughts on this act known as a marathon because I find it doesn’t win me any friends…but then again, it's my blog, so here it is…don’t these people know that at the end of the original run, the guy DIED? I’m just saying. Food for thought, if you will.

And forget about the traffic jam it causes in a town that really doesn’t need that sort of headache. Insanity.

I say take the whole nutty shin-dig out to the desert and let me be…but then again, if they did that, I wouldn’t have gone to the party of the year. So there you go.

And don’t you want to know what I brought? (Of course you do, or else why would you have read this far?)

I came with this simple, vibrant, perfectly balanced delight. So easy to make you will wonder why you haven’t done it before. Took three minutes to make, dicing the salmon being the most involved task.

So my dears, try it, and enjoy!

2 medium filets sushi-grade salmon, skin removed
1/2 cup fava beans
2 tablespoons fresh tarragon, minced
2 stalks celery, diced
Light olive oil
Zest of one lemon
Salt and pepper to taste

Toss everything together in a bowl. Let sit for five minutes to meld. Serve.


Tarragon was used by the Greeks as early as 500 BC. The Arabs named it “turkhum” which means dragon. The tradition has been continued by the French who call it “estragon.” - Food

Chinook salmon are the largest of the Pacific salmon, with some individuals growing to more than 100 pounds.

Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because it was feeling crummy.

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I agree with you about the marathon. I think 26 miles is really far to drive, much less run. Boston shuts down completely one day a year for the marathon - irritating, yes, but a lot of fun to watch. What a wonderful spin on tuna tartare!
U know i love salmon and i love flava beans but never though of putting them together.Ur salad looks fantastic and since i have some salmon in the fridge i'll do just that.Just have to get my hands on some beans :-)))Thanks for sharing.
This would work with Lima or Soy beans too, if Fava's ain't your bag...
comThis looks fabulous, thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for telling us the origin of the Marathon; I had no idea. I'll definitely think of that when it rolls around again this summer.
And it's pretty too!
I second that. so pretty.
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