Thursday, January 25, 2007


Round The World Via My Fridge


I sometimes lament there is nothing to eat in my fridge.

Silly really, since there is always something to eat in my fridge.

Just take a gander at this random assortment of edibles that crowd it.

Herring. Goose liver. Mexican Beer.

My goodness, its a regular party in there!

I should stop lamenting and eat something already. (Just not the durian cake. That is there for novelty purposes only. The thought of unwrapping it terrifies me.)

That said, I wanted to share my 1-20 list. It's a meme that's going round and I just plain felt like taking part. So here goes.

1. Number of people I am responsible for feeding
2. Two drink minimum. One of my favorite expressions
3. Number of people currently signed up for the Simple French Desserts class I am teaching
4. There are four kinds of mustard in my refrigerator
5. Is how many wine glasses from my set of 12 that are still intact
6. I was six when I was tricked into eating chick-peas by being told they were something entirely different called garbanzo beans
7. I met my partners in crime, The Queen of the Valley and Ms. McGee seven years ago
8. Eight is how many siblings I have (that includes halves and steps.)
9. I have nine different patterns of dinnerware
10. I hosted ten cocktail parties in 2006. Four too many me thinks.
11. There are eleven bottles of wine in my bar
12. I own twelve paring knives
13. Thirteen people were at the Last Supper (which is why it is considered a bad luck number)
14. Minutes is how long I have been waiting for my friend The Ombudsman to show up.
15. Years is the minimum one has to wait for really good Scotch
16. People came over for dinner last week
17. I was seventeen when I first learned to make fresh pasta.
18. There are eighteen restaurants on my current "must try" list
19. Minutes is how long it takes me to drive from my house to the California Chicken Cafe
20. Aw heck, I'm out of things to about this: 20 is how many people I want to do this meme too. Hee hee hee.

...Well, now at least the pate is gone.

Have a great day!


In the UK 18% of sausages are eaten for breakfast and 44% for the evening meal. 83% of sausages are made from pork.

McDonald's Corp., the world's largest fast-food chain, said Wednesday that its fourth-quarter profit more than doubled, thanks in large part to the spinoff of burrito chain Chipotle and strong sales in Europe.

Overheard by: aroseMom: We'd like the walnut lentil pate. Is that popular with children?--Angelica Kitchen, East 12th Street


i don't know what it is about this particular meme, but i like it. Glad you did too - i like it because it is creative and i love to witness how different people handle different numbers.

Mwah, Mwah, Rachael (those were air kisses)

TWELVE paring knives? Where do you keep them all? wowza
If we lived out there...we'd so be in your class!
Sam - it was hard, but I dug it!

AiF - Yes, I know, its insane. I just have a freakish abundance of kitchen stuff!

WiMM - Thanks doll! I am up to four now, but sadly, need 5 to get paid...LOL
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