Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Meyer Lemons

Its community service day here at Fresh Approach…

The Well Fed Network has announced the winners of the 2006 Food Blog Awards. Many congrats to all the sensational nominees, and to the winners!

The 7th Annual Bloggies is compiling nominations (And there IS a food category, so get yourself over there and nominate this site! Or, Chez Pim, who actually has a chance of winning...)

The photo there is of a Meyer lemon and a common lemon (from left). Just in case you were confusing the two. If you are ever in doubt, remember, a Meyer lemon can be peeled by hand, is rounder and has a darker yellow skin. The flesh is also sweeter, so that should be the best indicator.

According to that infalliable news-site The Onion, Frito-Lay has announced they will offer healthy snacks.

If you are in Los Angeles, and want to take a Spanish Tapas cooking class (I hear the chef rocks), whip up a cocktail party worthy of the Oscars, or finally master some Simple French Desserts, ,well, you will just have to sign up today!

Then again, if you are in Wisconson this weekend, why not check out the 3rd Annual Bay View Wine & Beer Fest in Bay View, Wisconsin it is a fundraising event at the Marian Center For Non-Profits 3211 South Lakeshore Drive, in Bay View's most historic building. Enjoy tastings & samplings from Bay View, St. Francis, and other Milwaukee establishments, side by side with wine and beer samplings. Advance tickets are $20, and $30 at the door, and can be purchased by calling Paul at 414-482-2069, or Jeff at 444-6544.

That's all for now kids!

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