Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Wine Bloggin' Wednesday - Lovely Jubbly Bubbly

Wine Blogging Wednesday, eh?

Sounds good to me!

And what did Super Sassy Sam of Becks Posh Nosh (this month's WBW hostess) set forth as the challenge? Choose a bottle of Champagne (do I need to remind you that the product Champagne only comes from the French region of Champagne and that all other grape based tiny bubbled beverages are called sparkling wine? No, didn’t think so) and then drink it.

(Not much of a challenge though, if you think about it. I mean, everybody loves Champagne! It's a party in a bottle!)

Which is what we did.

Quite well too, I think. We made it our business to rise to the occasion.

I chose a (vintage) Millesime 1992 J.B. Michel Brut Champagne.

Considered an "artisan" Champagne, I thought it would be excellent to try. I think "artisan" in this case means, small, independent producer. (The maker of this fine Champagne, Bruno Michel, is a member of Vigneron-Independants de France after all.)

And my darling peaches, I do so delight in my bubbly, so it was no effort at all to partake in this particular ($50) bottles rare luxuriousness.

Nope, it was actually my distinct pleasure.


(Did you get that? Mmmmmmmmm.)

"Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles) In the wine (in the wine) Make me happy (make me happy) Make me feel fine (make me feel fine)..."

And to eat?

We had it with caviar. Of course. Classic, decadent.

Beautiful, shimmering-black, briny-smooth perfection.

Could anything be better?

No. Nothing is better. Mmm.

Champagne and caviar.

"Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles) Make me warm all over With a feeling that I'm gonna Love you till the end of time..."

For a girl without a job, I sure do live well, don’t I ? (I swear I was born under a lucky star...)

I hope you do too.

I wish it for us all.

(Cheers to that!)

"So here's to the golden moon And here's to the silver sea And mostly here's a toast To you and me..."

Oh, and as for the Champagne, it was simply wonderful. Really a rare treat. Obviously made by craftsman who care.

Minute bubbles, beautifully dappled-sunshine-yellow hue. Sublimely brut, (dry) as advertised. Flinty - in a good way, and supple.

Made from chardonnay grapes and partly aged in oak.

I am mad, Mad, MAD for this Champagne!


Available at fine wine purveyors worldwide.

Find some! Buy some! Enjoy!

"So here's to the ginger lei I give to you today And here's a kiss That will not fade away." (Tiny Bubbles, Words and Music by Leon Pober, Sung by Don Ho)


Dom Perignon is the prestige cuvée of the giant Moët et Chandon Champagne house. It is named after the famous monk, who was the most important early influence in the development of Champagne into the sparkling wine we know today. the first recorded production of bottle fermented sparkling wine is dated a century before Dom Perignon's birth, in 1531, at the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire at Limoux in southern France. - Wine on the Web

Vigneron-Independants de France: The movement of the Vine growers Independent of France is the trade union of defense of the trade of independent vine grower.

I know, I know, I have GOT to figure out a better way to post mulitiple pics on a page. This looks shameful! I just got so excited. Sorry...

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I wish my wife was into foodblogging...she loves wine while I'm only "OK" with it
While I am not a fan of wine I am a fan of Champagne, something about those bubbles. I'm not quite at the point where I can splurge for a $50 bottle of bubbly but give me time!
Who is this "we" you refer to? I wanna be part of "we!" I'm sadly the only champagne lover in my home. I could have a "Wine Wednesday" but it would mean opening a bottle and drinking it by myself. Sad. *sigh*
Rachael, DaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHlink!
I am so glad you joined the champagne party. I knew I could rely on you. You are a girl who knows how to live well off an unemployment check, obviously. I can relate to that.

I am busying myself with the round up which I hope to complete by Monday.

See you later...

Cheers, hic!

Sam, you could not keep me away from such an event! Puh-LEEZE! It was my DUTY as a food bloggin' girl to get that one done!

And for you my dearest peach AiF - Don't you remember being there? Hmmm, well, you will always be part of our "we," ...virtually or otherwise...

And Miss Leiha, you know I will always share my champers with you...Kiss, kiss.
Rachael, I don't recall. I must have enjoyed the bubbly more than I imagined! :)
do I need to remind you that the product Champagne only comes from the French region of Champagne and that all other grape based tiny bubbled beverages are called sparkling wine?
That's really true, French cuisine has a lot of thing s that is now spread all around the world.
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