Friday, February 23, 2007


Drink of the Week: Moet Cordial

Now here is a cocktail that isn't really fair to be writing about.

Since, so far as I can tell, they don’t make this tempting liquor any more. At least, not so far as I could deduce from my few minutes of online research.

I even thought maybe I'd not bother tell you all about it. But then, maybe some day you too will find a dusty little bottle of Moet & Chandon Petite Liqueur hidden in the back of some great-aunties cupboard (much as I did) too, and wonder what delightful nectar is encapsulated inside.
Fear not, I am here to share.

It’s a golden, almost syrupy, but still sparkling bev. Tastes like sweet wine really. With a hint of almond.

One glass, maybe two and it is gone. A swiftly fleeting dream. (And heaven knows these past few weeks, I have needed the indulgence!)

It is almost too good to believe. And once it is gone...I am sad to report, it really is gone.

I would love to get my hands on a few more bottles of the stuff, but so far have not been able to procure any.


Oh well.

If you know where to get some, I suggest you do. If you know where to get some and want to share, I suggest you email me.

Cheers, and happy Friday to you all!


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Oh, I wish I could find some too. I was introduced to it about 10 years ago (in Ireland, I believe it was), promptly returned home and sought it out at my local (large) warehouse wine store here in Orange County. Didn't the darling bottles come in a box of two (or three)? I unearthed one some years ago in our wine cache and was elated - only to find that it had gone "off." It wasn't vinegar, but it wasn't sherry, either. I've looked in stores, but haven't seen any of the bottles since. Good luck in your search!
Never heard of it until I read it here. Then I googled it. Apparently it makes people wax poetic, and no one can find it. (Unless in their cellar!)
I just found a unopened bottle of this liquer and do not know what to do with it. any suggestions? Sue
I have just unpacked 2 bottles and popped them into the fridge - am not sure of their future right now...
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