Monday, September 04, 2006


I Heart Cookbooks

Oh wow. I had a doozy of a nightmare last night!

At four a.m. my somnolent mind decided to conjure up a harrowing tale in which all of my cookbooks were stolen. Eek!

It was chilling indeed. Not only would this imagined tragedy leave my bookshelves quite bare, I feel it would be akin to severing a limb. I love them so. Inspiring, funny, beautiful, daunting, silly and nostalgic, each and every one gets picked up, read and referred to with alarming frequency.

Waking up in a panic that they truly were gone, I spent the next five or six minutes staring at them with adoration and noticing a few things I feel like sharing. So here goes. Random facts relating to my cookery book collection:

Total number of cookbooks: 268
Total number of books related to food (without recipes): 47
Number of books dedicated to Japanese cuisine: 12
Number of books dedicated to Italian: 2
Books on Classic Irish cookery, Turkish Food or Russian Cuisine: 0
Books entitled "Vegetables": 3
Hardcovers: 146
Books on vegan /vegetarian cooking: 17
Books about steak: 2
Number of books by Food Network Chefs: 0
Number that are a "companion to the television series": 9
Restaurant books: 7
Books written by monks: 1
Single subject books: 23
Mushroom cookbooks: 4
Books (solely) by women: 159
Oldest book, published in 1919
Most recent, published, 2005
Published by Chronicle Books: 20
Books by Julia Child: 2
Books I have never cooked from: 43

So there you go. Random facts indeed. And now, considering that last stat, I think I’d better stop typing and get cooking!

Until tomorrow,


In a 6oz. Cup of coffee there are approx. 105mg of caffeine; tea, 35; in cola, 50mg and hot chocolate, 4mg

Supernacular: adjective - a description of wine that is so superlative that is drunk to the very last drop - proved by upturning the empty glass upon one’s fingernail and ensuring not a single drop forms thereon. - G. Saintsbury, 1920

Hilarious! But why no Irish cookbooks?
No reason, I just noticed that particular group was missing. If it makes pu for it, I also dont have any Russian or Canadian cookbooks. :-)
Rachel, I loved reading this. I know that memes have been officially declared dead, but you should consider making this into a "non-meme" food blog activity. I know I would have fun doing it (on a day when I had enough free time that is!) I'm not sure if I have as many books as you do, but I have quite a few.
Beats my nightmare last night that woke up my wife! lol
Hee, hee - I loved this post Rachael. But I bet it was a terrible nightmare!
whoa. And I'm overwhelmed by the 10 or so cookbooks I have--so much so that I try to prevent myself from buying new ones. I can feel Julia Child's Art of French Cooking reproaching me as I type for even considering buying another book without every trying to make an aspic :)
Dear Rachael: Such a magnificant collection should not be locked behind private doors. I belive you should begin issuing Library Cards to your readers immediately. What time should I stop by?
Kalyn - I would love to hear your version! Go for it!

WiMM - Try some warm milk before you go to sleep. :-)

Anne - I was so releived it wasnt real, you hav eno idea!

Erin - Aspic is FUN, I love it over cold chicken. That is a graet book...I make her blanquet de veau (please excuse my friench) all the time...classic

AiF - For you my peach, the door is always open...
All your cookbooks stolen! Too horrible to imagine!
so glad to know I am not alone in my love of cookbooks (and in owning more than a few that I have not cooked from)

years ago I started buying cookbooks as my "souvenir" when travelling --- this way I get to relive the adventure over and over.

question: so you have any in a language you don't actually speak or read but love the illustrations??
I really enjoy the little Cooks Illustrated cookbooks, they are small so they can store easily and you can even use them as coasters if need be. The one on shellfish is great!
hahahah! thats so funny, i always dream someone is trying to steal my hamster hee hee. i love the list.
You know, I don't have any in anything but English. I used to have a few in Spanish, (which I dont speak well, but can kinda decipher) but I lost them at some point. I love the idea of getting a book as a travel memory, I just usually get something when I get home (which reminds me I really want to get The Sultans Kitchen! LOL)

B - I should write a list about my coaster collection next! LOL

Aria - I would consider losing a pet quite a nightmare too!
You also have a book on Persian cooking and quite a few about fish, one on candy making and at least a half dozen on cakes and other baked goods if I recall correctly!

Ha ha ah ahaaa haaa.
Yes Mindy, I do! (Thank you very much!) But oddly, I dont have any dedicated to the foods of a state. Perhaps I need "The Great Texas Cookbook" to round off my collection.
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