Thursday, September 21, 2006


Carrots with Honey


I just love the idea of symbolic foods. Black eyed peas warding off the Evil Eye, chicken for happiness or Eels to build stamina in the summertime.

The connection between the foods we consume and our spiritual health really intrigues me. The idea from somewhere in the mists of time that food does indeed have power. That simply eating something can have more than just a tummy filling affect.

Tonight, is the start of the Jewish High Holidays, a perfect example of a time when people look to food for growth, health and prosperity. There are a lot of interesting foods associated with happiness in a New Year. And no matter what your beliefs or philosophy, I personally am all for taking whatever oppurtunity is presented to better my life through the consumption of a dish.

This simple, delicious dish is to bring prosperity. And I figure that is something we can all use a little bit of! Why carrots? Well, the Yiddish word for carrots - merren, means "more" or "increased." And when the carrots are sliced into coin-shapes, they represent the desire for prosperity and good fortune for those we know and love. Combined with honey, to bring sweetness to your life, this side dish is a wonderful thing indeed.

So grab some carrots, slice them up and may wealth and happiness find their way to your doorstep. Try this, and enjoy.

4 carrots, peeled, sliced into rounds
Salted water, just enough to barely cover the carrots
1 teaspoon honey
1/8 teaspoon caraway seeds (optional)

In a sauce pan, simmer the carrots with the water, on high, until the water is almost evaporated. Add the honey and caraway. Stir to combine and serve.

Makes enough for six.


McDonald's said Wednesday that it is testing a new kitchen system to greatly enhance the choices customers have no matter what time of day. That means customers may be able to order hot cakes and sausage for lunch, an egg McMuffin in midafternoon or a breakfast burrito in the evening.

McDonald's last major kitchen overhaul was in 1998, when it introduced the 'Made for You' system, where sandwiches are only prepared after customers order them. Across the chain, McDonald's replaced bins of pre-made burgers with freshly made sandwiches. It cost around $400 million to implement. The overhaul was considered a flop. Restaurant operators panned 'Made for You' as a slow, labor-intensive system that offered slightly better quality sandwiches at the cost of speed. They said it drove up costs because more workers were needed to make it run efficiently. The system has been tweaked over the years, but never fully replaced. - Chicago Tribune

Carrots were first cultivated in Afghanistan in the 7th century, and they started with yellow flesh and a purple exterior. It was the Dutch who developed the orange carrot, and the French in the 17th who most likely developed the elongated carrot, ancestor of the ones we eat today. The English brought the carrot to the New World. -Food Facts

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Hi Rachel, been a long time since I commented, but I do still read every post.

Just remember though that even though there are some great associations between food and spirit, there are some not so tasty ones!

Shojin ryori is one. It is strict traditional buddhist monk food in Japan. It is very vegan, and doesn't even allow garlic or onions. Herbs were basically non existant (well, western type herbs). Most flavours are bland. I had one teacher tell me why it stayed so boring. She said that the monks weren't allowed to complain about anything, so it developed retaining the bland flavours! Everything has meaning, but you wouldn't want to eat it all year long - once is good. Twice also, but to eat it more - I think I would be looking for something with a bit more substance very quickly. :-)
I feel like a better person now when I know where carrots come from, I never thought about it before! Thanks Rachael!
happy new year ;)
That's really interesting stuff, thank you! Sounds like you have to be quite devout to go so extreme!

Glad I could help!

You too!
Hrm...anything ward off the "I wanna have a baby eye" that my wife seems to be developing?? hehe j/k
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