Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Bitter Potatoes

And now something for those of you following my love life…

You know things are over between me and a boy when photos of his (stylized) cupboard end up posted here

I should have known things weren’t going to work out with me and Boston Boy the first time I saw his kitchen. It was really quite grimy, brimming (nine bags worth and three boxes full) with "recycleables" that he never managed to recycle. It featured a leaky fridge and a cupboard full of cream of mushroom soup and…canned potatoes. Not the markings of a foodie. But I was willing to give it a go. He was/is pretty darned cute afterall.

First off, I didn't even know potatoes came in a can, and second, well, there is no second. It should just leave you shaking your head in wonder after "first off."

In fairness, it's not that it wasn’t first. He brought me to lovely restaurants, trotted out his dogged eared copies of Gourmet Magazine and talked about the best pizza in his home town.

But sometime along the way, that all stopped and I suddenly found myself eating in greasy spoons on a regular basis and showing up at Sports Bars at 10 am to (pretend to) watch some televised event I couldn't care less about.

Of course, I really should have ended it when we went to visit my friend who runs a farmers market and he actually uttered the following statement.


"I just don't get it. You do know they sell fruit at the supermarket, right?"


So here is a post I am dedicating to him, (And he is a sweet guy, and for some girl, perfect, I'm sure. Just not me.) a recipe for Potatoes A La Can.

Delicious? No. Slightly bitter, yet informative and socially responsible?

Heck yea...


A many cans of potatoes as you can muster up, generic or store brand works best

Using your best can opener, remove the tops of the cans. Pour the contents into the sink if you have a disposal, and the trash if you don't.

Rinse the cans, and recylcle.

Alternatively, you can donate the full cans to a homeless shelter or food bank.

Serves, one. Me.



Other veg in a can one should avoid: Carrots, onions, mushrooms and at all costs, peas (sorry Brits)

Excellent and otherwise restaurants we frequented: Cafe 50's, Nook, Clay Oven, The Hump, Tokyo Fast Food, Titos Tacos, Benitos Tacos, Sosayaya and (cringe again) Houstons.

eeeek potatos in a can sound terrible and i think i might die if i entered a sportsbar @ 10A! i love cafe 50's and the hump, yum!

(sorry to hear of your breakup)
Wait...what was the best pizza in his home town?? Being a Bostonian, I'm curious!
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