Thursday, August 10, 2006


Vampire Wine

The saga. Continues. Pause. For dramatic effect. (It’s effect right, not affect? Well, you paused, right? Then we are good. Okeedokee.)

To recap, I moved. I piled all my assorted things (mostly cooking gear and cookbooks as fate would have it) into large cardboard boxes, paid some burly men with seemingly boundless energy and brute strength to haul it all to a glorious new apartment. With AC. And a disposal (the last place didn’t have one, and the landlord threatened my life if I installed one. Did I mention she was a nutter?) which, turns out, is like, a really important thing to me. And a washer/dryer. Which is a rare thing in an apt in this city, lemme tell ya. And I have been there for nine days. Then yesterday, I gave my notice to move out.

Seems I failed to notice this spacious, hardwood-floored jewel is located dead center in the hood. The H-double OH (MY) - D, HOOD. As in gang bangers in the alley way and a general crack-chic look to the whole block.

Seriously, what the heck was I thinking? I must have been dazzled by the shiny chrome fridge with an ice maker in the door (which, doesn’t make ice, since the fridge is like, no where near the sink, which it needs to be hooked up to freaking work. Oh, and despite the fact my landlord said it was new, I noticed it was moldy, -- wanna see the pictures? -- and the filter inside prominently proclaims it should be changed in 2002. But I digress) and the great 1930’s touches. Yup, I was awed enough not to notice that the landlord lives upstairs, with her brood of 8. Yes, eight. Something I neglected to register while peering into the vast closets, eyes bugged out, oohing and ahhing. But the damage is done, and thankfully, since she, uh, FORGOT to have me sign a lease (no, really, she did) I am oh-so-very out of there. I swear kids, it could not be more dramatic. (Actually, in fairness, the place really is cute and the landlord is a dear woman. I just can’t deal with the hood.)

BUT, all that said, it didn’t stop me from having my girls over for a night of wine and cheese and giggles and scandal and ringtone downloading and boy-talk and more drinking and well, you get the idea.

As a "joke" The Queen of The Valley (formerly known on this site as Ms. LaRue, but now that it has come to my attention that is also Tori Spellings dogs name, well, you can understand me changing it for my friend, cant you?) brought over a bottle of Romania’s finest wine…Vampire. According to their site, the vineyards are old, the grapes, renowned, and the contents, not at all a joke.

Well, I am here to testify, that while I feel as if the blood has been unceremoniously sucked from my neck, lately, it has nothing to do with the wine. The wine (a $10 bottle) was actually…pretty terrific. It’s a Cabernet, but more in the vein (hardee har har) of a Beaujolais. There were notes of dark fruit flavors, and yet, it was light, not too sweet, or too dry, it has a certain clarity to it that we loved. Really, its a fun wine, easy to drink, goes well with spicy, (dried Trader Joe’s chile-mangos), chocolately (cookies) and hearty (beef satay). I recommend it, and not just for Halloween.

So run out and get your own fine self a bottle. And if while you are dashing round town, if you see a For Rent sign, think of me.



Blood sausage consists of pig's blood and fat that's cooked and seasoned, then stuffed into a natural casing, like a pig intestine. The blood may also come from a calf, sheep, or ox. Fillers like oats and apples are sometimes used, as well.

Sarmale: rice mixed with ground beef , wrapped on cabbage leaves is the (one of the) national dish(s) of Romania

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Are you really moving again? You poor, poor thing. I believe, in your situation, I'd be enjoying more than just ONE bottle of Vampire wine. Actually, I have tried that wine years ago. I don't remember my opinion and now I think I'll have to try some again.

See if you can set a record for the number of nutter landlords/ladies!
I feel sorry for you, but I know that whith every challenge you face, we get excellent descriptions of the events that have occured. I am sure you will find a better place soon. Or at least I hope you do.
Wow...don't mess with the cook who moves on purpose to da hood!! hehe
That's funny...but seriously I know how hellish apartment hopping (not to mention crummy apartments) can be. I finally have my own condo and will not have to move again for at least a couple years, when i can't handle Florida anymore. I've seen the vampire wine and wondered if it was any good..thanks for the review and good luck on getting out of the hood alive:)
Thank you all for your kind words.

The funniest/most annoying thing about my hood, I swear, is the ice cream truck. I live across from an elementary school and they come by five times a day playing this tinkling carousel loop version of "Lullaby and goodnight" its making me BANANAS. Plus, the ice cream is over priced.

Oh, dear. Good thing about not signing! A silver lining...

I used to have a nutcase of a landlady - why is it always the 'landlady'? Anyway, this girl went nuts, hot and cold from one minute to the next. I was quite traumatised by it for a while but i'm completely cured now [stopped taking my tablets]. hee ha.

Good thing is, i don't even bump in to her in the streets - which is good, don't get me wrong, but this is a very small island! Oh, god, i hope she's not peering through my window! Wait, let me go check...
Hi there Rachael!

Was wondering if you were able to send off the BPW postcard to your buddy. I had written an email to you as a reminder but never got an answer. If you are unable to do so, please email and let me know. I will then send one to her. As I was unable to find any hints of it on your blog thaought I would ask!
what a bummer!! Good luck.
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