Monday, July 10, 2006


Raspberry Tequila Pops

So Pearl Jam played a concert last night. Ah, Pearl Jam. One of the world’s most rockin’ bands (at least, back when I was a kid), featuring a hot singer and the word Jam in their name. Mmm. Jam. What more could a girl ask for? Oh wait, I’m so silly! I didn’t go to the Pearl Jam concert! I went to see Kristin Chenoweth. I must be growing up.

You know Kristin. That tiny lady with the crazy-big voice from Wicked, and, apparently, The West Wing. (Who knew? Wait, I know. People who watch that show!) Yea, her. Cute little thing, and lordy, can she ever belt out a tune. A. May. Zing. Kinda a different vibe than a rock show: lots more children and middle-aged couples, but you know what? It still kicked A**!

Anyway, the nice thing about The (beautiful, outdoor) Greek, where Ms. Chenoweth was playing, versus The (giant, arena) Forum, where Mr. Vedder and crew were rockin’ out, is that the good folks at the Greek allow picnicking and practically encourage alcohol consumption. Friendly-like, wouldn’t you say?

So with that grand knowledge Ms. McGee and I traipsed off to the lovely venue with our basket overflowing. Booze and snacks and more booze and some more snacks, and it was good. Actually, the best part (aside from the company. Natch.) were the popsicles. It was just so flash-back fabulous to have something icy cold to enjoy after our gluttons feast. How did I get them there? Why, I transported them with dry ice! Yes, I'm that hard-core. You on the other hand, can enjoy them in the privacy of your own home, or wherever the fancy strikes.

These are my grown-up version of a childhood favorite (kinda like Pearl Jam today versus Pearl Jam circa 1992 I suppose) and they are slurpy-slushy, tangy-sweet, delicious treats indeed. The garnish of rock salt wasn’t my best idea ever (melted the ice you see) but it did compliment the pops. Including it will have to be your call.

Oh and you have to have a Popsicle mold too, which I picked up at recently on the cheap at Target, but this time of year (Northern hemispherically speaking) they sell them pretty much everywhere. If not, you can always use small (Dixie style) cups and Popsicle sticks. Whichever you have, please do try this recipe, and enjoy!

1 ½ cups water
1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup raspberry fruit syrup (I used Torani)
½ cup water
Juice of three limes
1 cup tequila
Salt for garnish

In a saucepan or the microwave, heat the water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. This is your base. Set that aside and let it cool while you start the pops.

Combine the ½ cup water and the raspberry syrup (or whatever fruit juice or syrup you have on hand) then pour the raspberry mix equally into each mold about ¼ inch depth. Do not insert the sticks. Freeze for 20 minutes.

While the raspberry is freezing, and add half the lime juice to the simple syrup you made earlier. Taste and add as much more lime as you prefer. Add the tequila and pour on top of the partially frozen raspberry syrup already in the molds. Add the sticks and freeze until solid, at least four hours.

Serve alone or with a small bowl of salt for dipping.

Makes six medium sized pops


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"In 1905 an eleven-year-old Frank Epperson was mixing powered soda and water to make soda pop. Frank accidentally left the mixing bucket outside. During the night the mixture froze solid, with the wooden stirring stick standing straight up. But the frozen pop tasted great! Frank started selling Epperson icicles for five cents, later changing the name to popsicles." Hungry

Water molecules arrange themselves in an orderly pattern when they freeze. But when salt or sugar is dissolved into the water, these substances interfere with the regular ice crystal structure. This makes it take longer for the liquid to freeze and can make the frozen liquid less hard once it does freeze. -


I am willing to try anything once if it has a cup of tequila in it! Thanks for the recipe, looks yummy and will help with the three digit temps up here in No. Cal.
Hey... what a brilliant idea! Definitely on my must try list for the summer... although maybe a mojito version :-)

Where did you get your popsicle maker?
d'oh. See. I just saw the world tequila and my mind got all fuzzy. Now I see you got them at Target!
This is the perfect antidote to LA's crazy heat as of late. And as I sit here sweltering in the DC humidity, I wish I had one!! As soon as I get home...
Bless you!
-- Mabel van Buren
I have found tonight's project!!
I've been craving popsicle's lately. Now I'm craving them with tequila. BTW: I thought I was finally going to get a taste of one of your amazing (I assume) baked goods, but no such luck. Glad you didn't totally forget about your strawberry tart. (:
You devilish girl! Have you seen the alcohol laden snow cones in this month's Bon Appetit?
My husband totally has a crush on Kristin Chenoweth. He also used to have a hard time spelling raspberry when he was little. We are going to make these popsicles, and they are going to be delicious, and we are going to call them Kristin Chenoweth Pops. They look amazing. Now I will send him to the store to get some popsicle molds.
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