Friday, May 05, 2006


Recipe Collection Meme

I was tagged by Lex Culinaria for this recipe collection meme. As I have mentioned sporadically, I am a girl in flux these days. (Heck, it just took me 10 minutes to remember how to upload a photo! LOL) But I am SO close to being back, I can almost taste it. In the mean time, this is a great bit-o-filler, tasty and delicious, wouldn’t you agree?

Where do you obtain the recipes you prepare?

I have a few ways, but mostly, I just make things up. I have the extra useless ability to be able to recreate pretty much any dish I’ve ever tried (minus super high end dishes, like what I’ve eaten at The French Laundry…and even that, I’m pretty sure I could do if I had the time and equipment, and kitchen of course!) Like darling Lex who tagged me for this, I am especially inspired by photos, but the one place I get the most ideas, I would have to say, it from titles of recipes. I see a title and go from there, most often without ever even looking at what the recipe was that followed. Hee.

How often do you cook a new recipe?

Truly as often as possible. I positively crave new recipes and feel terrifically jaded when flipping through books and not seeing anything even remotely new. Aurg! I think it stems from a chef I dated for a few years (dear me, years and years and years.) who – get this – wouldn’t eat the same meal twice in a month. (Peanut butter sandwich twice in 30 days? The horror!) It sort of kick started me to constantly try new things, something I still do.

Where do you store your favorite recipes?

I had a great little book that recently seems to have been misplaced, but for the most part, my faves are in my little noggin or on this here bloggity-blog.

Tag at least one new food blogger for this meme ("new" as in only blogging a few months)

Heck, sorry, I have been such a super slacker lately; I haven’t got a clue who’s new. (Insert sheepish grin) So if you are new, and think you’d like to do a meme, by all means, go for it my child!

Tag at least one food blogger you visit regularly but never interacted with:

Again, haven’t been very cyber-oriented lately, and due to overwhelming shyness (ha)/certainty that most bloggers I visit I have emailed at least once, I will leave this one alone.

Tag at least one food blogger you constantly visit and leave comments:

Heavens. See above.

I do have to give a wonderful shout out (can I get a “boo-ya!) to Mrs. Lex Culinaria for tagging me on this, its been long overdue…

Oops. The Ombudsman (who is a blessing in my life, and a true friend. I moved in to the house across the street from his sweet self recently and he has yet to issue a restraining order. How much do you dig that? I sure do!) is here to ply me with tequila (it is Cinco De Mayo after all…) must dash.

Until I blog again…


“When asked in the 1600”s what were the three greatest evils Europeans had introduced to the New World, the Mayans first mentioned torture and genocide. But third on the list was the conquistadors’ propensity for ‘basting with lard.’” – In the Devil’s Garden – A Sinful History of Forbidden Food. Stewart Lee Allen.


Oooh - I hear you!! I am about ready to return after my absence, full of new enthuusiasm to get some decent stuff posted.

Anyway, I wish I had that ability to recreate recipes I have only eaten. I try but usually there is something important missing that I just can't lay my finger on. Anyway, I am about to try a recipe that was told to me in Japanese - and am relying on my BAD Japanese to recreate it. Maybe it will work, maybe not.....
Hi, I like your style of writing. Will be coming back to check on your posts.I like this meme so I will recreate it on my site.
Till next time.
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