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Paper Chef: Carrot-Rice Canapes with Anchoïade

For your reading and veiwing pleasure, I humbly present (yet again) my entry to Paper Chef #13. (Hosted this month by the uber-creative Two Minute Noodle Cook.) The on-line contest that asks you to take four ingredients and whip them into a tasty treat for all to see. This month's star ingredients: Carrots, Anchovies, Rice and something from across the world that is festive. For me, that translated to canapes. (French you see, therefore across the world) Why is that an ingredient? Well, it isn't (even I couldn't figure out a way to actually make it sound as if it were) it is just the best way to present something at a party and isn't a party simply the most festive of things? Why yes, it is.

The tidbits of yum you see before you are carrot-rice canapes with pistou and anchoïade. Need I say more? Well, maybe I should perhaps clarify that pistou is the French word for pesto and anchoïade is an anchovy-garlic spread. Salty-pungent fantasticness. A classic in France, and hopefully after today, in your home too.


It all started because I had these crazy purple carrots, which tragically, were only purple on the exterior. Instead of peeling, I simply scrubbed the heck out of them and peeled. I also made the pistou (but you could use bottled pesto) and the anchovy mayo, (I was planning on making that another entry in my Kitchen Project series, but I plum ran out of time) but you could just use jarred mixed with some mashed anchovies...or wait on all of this until I post that mayo recipe.)

When combined with everything else, the taste was quite startling. Sweet and crunchy with a strong anchovy-garlic flavor, slightly tempered by the rice, the tiny refreshing hint of anisey-basil from the pesto and just a whisper of smokiness from the paprika. Overall, I would make these any time for any one...try it, and enjoy.

4 large carrots
1 cup salted, cooked and slightly cooled rice (short grain)
2 anchovy filets
1 small clove garlic
Olive oil
2 tablespoons pistou (recipe: pulverize basil, garlic & olive oil)
2 tablespoons homemade anchovy mayonnaise
Smoked paprika

Coarsely chop the anchovies and garlic together with a few drop of olive oil. Mix this into the cooked rice.

Using a vegetable peeler, (and a bit of pressure) peel long ribbons of carrot. You need at least 25 curls.

Curl the carrots around your finger (they will self adhese. If they don't, use a tiny drop of anchovy, like glue to hold them closed) and using a small spoon, fill with the rice. Top with a tiny drop of pistou, some of the anchovy mayonnaise. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and a tiny dusting of smoked paprika. Chill, covered for up to three hours.

Makes 25


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A canapé or canape is a small, prepared, and usually decorative hors d'oeuvres which is held in the fingers, and often eaten in one bite. - Wikipedia

According to the USA Rice Council, uncooked white rice can be stored on a shelf indefinitely

It's time again for the Food Blog Awards! I hope you will take some time to read Kate's excellent post on nominations.

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OMG, that's just stunning. Breathtaking. Sounds tasty, too. Brava. I would have guessed that you'd have to wilt the carrot strips a bit first, but I see you didn't. Wow.
BTW, will you be posting the ugly food photos some time?
That top picture, I can't really explain but I've never seen a food pic that just seemed so spontaneously and unfussily happy Lovely work.
YOU GUYS! You have me blushing like a mad woman! Thank you, that was incredibly sweet of you (both) to say.

And CC - I think if the carrots are sliced to just the right thickeness (or should I say thin-ness) they are ok raw.
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