Monday, December 05, 2005


Los Angeles Times Blogging Article

You may recall (my on and on ramblings) about my poutiness over the Los Angeles Times' lack of blog coverage. I said this because I am just about the biggest fan of Los Angeles as you can find and a bit of a blog champion. I love this city for its diversity, hidden beauty, culture, people and of course, glitteringly fantatastic bloggers.

SO, with all that in mind I am just filled with a sense of happiness I cannot explain. Thank you Scott Martelle, Times Staff Writer, for your excellent article "Blogging L.A. The view from the Web offers a different perspective on Southern California, whether it’s politics, relationships or neighborhoods" from the Los Angeles Times. While not strictly about food (hardly at all really) it did include links to three awesome L.A. food sites: The Delicious Life (natch), Professor Salt, Hot Dog Spot and BBQ Junkie, and THAT was awesome.

Thanks Scott! Big, wet smooches...


By the way, if you are wondering if I am sad this site wasn't included, I have to say no, I'm good. This site, while by a girl who loves her town, is not exactly about L.A. as much as just by someone who loves it here. If the article had been about super-sassy L.A. based food sites, then I may have been pouty. LOL

awww rachael, you are too sweet to mention this and to be such a cheerleader!!

super sassy la girl? yes, that would most definitely be you with your designer sunglasses, fish tacos (both very l.a.) and your ahem fondness for boys and booze (sassy, for sure). LOL!
Aw shucks, that was so nice of you to write.

Excellent news though, the sunglasses were repaired!

Thank YOU for being such a cheerleader too, I am a huge fan, and will always be there to sing your praises.
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