Friday, November 11, 2005


I Confess

Amy, (of Cooking With, fame) via the extra fantastic David Lebovitz, (and a few others) has asked for our culinary confessions. So kiddies, in the spirit of this fun little experiment, here goes...

I peel button mushrooms
I prefer my Red Vines stale
I microwave chocolate to melt it
I love citrus zest
Wheatgrass juice is the best
I cut up my spaghetti
I always ask for a sample before buying cheese. Even if I've had it a million times
I am perfectly happy to eat ugly/poorly presented food
I love salt
I love salt
I. Love. Salt.
I have more than 5+ whole sets of pans, three sets of cutlery and service for at least 28, but only three wine glasses
I eat cold rice even though I know it could give me listeria
I prefer brunch to dinner
I use my melon baller every time I buy a melon
All of the labels in my refrigerator face forward
I am a sucker for packaging
I believe in the 5-second rule
I love ice
I would drink diet champagne if they made it
I really don't get white chocolate
Everyone who loves lobster should have to eat it without butter before making that claim
Gelatin kind of scares me
I never rinse berries
Fish tacos are the world's most perfect food
I will eat pretty much any vegetable that has been pickled
I would rather do something by hand than clean my Cuisinart
I put a lot of food I shouldn't down the disposal
If I owned a goat, city ordinances allowing, I would feed it lavender and orange blossoms and live on the cheese
I am a food enabler
I don't drink directly from a bottle or a carton, or eat from a can or a box
My drink is a dirty vodka martini without the olive garnish
Cilantro is the devils weed
I believe heaven smells like oranges
I make my own ketchup
Ethiopian food makes me sick every time, and I still love it
Fried is my favorite food group
I like three bean salad
I love tofu
I have never had a cup of coffee
The only vegetable I don't like is turnips. And I keep trying
The only fruit I don't like is papaya. And I keep trying
The only legume I don't like is lima beans. I gave up trying
My motto is "Don't yuck someone's yum"
Caviar, champagne and fois gras are perfect.
Then again, so are fresh bread, pickles and peaches (though not all at once)
Reading other peoples food confessions makes me smile

Now you've seen show me yours!


Please have compassion for the children who work on cocoa plantations. Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

The British eat more confectionery per head than any other country

The pineapple is a sign of hospitality

Left-handed people are 20% more likely to sample a forkful of food from the plates of fellow diners than are right-handed people. - Turner

I make my own lemon curd with blood oranges then hide it in the back of the icebox. I will eat the entire jar, one spoon at a time over time without ever telling my family it's there.
That's awesome.

(And, I think, orange curd. LOL)
I'm with you--reading other peoples confessions makes me smile! Thanks for playing along!
I like olive brine so much I'll drink it right out of the jar.

I hate okra.

I hate cilantro, too.

Ditto Chinese food.

I love cheese - it makes me sick but I eat it anyway.

My favorite snack is TJ's mini rice crackers, vanilla soy ice cream and pomegranate molasses all mixed up together.

I have a favorite sushi place that I won't tell anyone about.
I never knew you never have had a cup of coffee. So where does all your energy come from?
Hi, Rachael--I'm with you on the salt!

My confessions are at:
That's cool that you make your own ketchup. I never considered doing that before!
I'm with you on the champagne. Luv reading your confessions.
Peggy, you are a riot.

Kirsten - I know, its crazy, right? I don't drink tea or soda either (unless there is rum involved! LOL)

Everyone else - Thanks for your comments!

Oh and Beth? Im making a batch soon, so Im sure Ill be posting about it. (But could I be a bigger nerd? I think not)
I hope you're not insinuating that you don't like lobster Rachael - with or without butter....come on girl, get a my FAVOURITE.

LOL. I only meant that most people drown it in either butter or mayo (lobster rolls) and I suspect they really just like that taste and not the food under it.

(And thank you for showing me where that extra "U" goes in Favorite.)

Hi Rachael!
This was fun to read! I really can apply many of your confessions to myself, but what left me almost speechless, did you really never ever had a cup of coffee? I'm also not that much into coffee, but once in a while, I do get an urge... ;)
I worked in a coffee bean shop once, and tried a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain. It was just too bitter for me and Im not good with caffiene, so it wasnt a habit worth developing. LOL. Also my dentist is always going on about how great my teeth look because I don't drink it, (she doesnt know about all the red wine I guess!) and the compliment keeps me off it too. Total vanity. LOL. I do love the smell though!
Does microwaving the chocolate work well for everything? I confess I'm afraid of the microwave, but that sounds like an easy shortcut.
I also confess that I've been eating a lot of things lately with a ketchup and mayo mix.
You have to be really careful melting chocolate that way...keeping an eye on it and whatnot, but yes, it works like a charm.
I'm with you on the Cuisinart cleaning, but cilantro? I can't get enough.
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