Friday, September 09, 2005


Drink of the Week: Plum Wine and 7-Up

We have all been to a Japanese restaurant with someone who doesnt like sake, right? Well, maybe they will like this. Its a delicious and refreshing (though crazy sweet) beverage that is available at most places that serve sake. Equal parts Plum Wine and Lemon-Lime soda. I cannot reccomend it highly enough.

On a different note...

Did you know,

"Ohio State University research has found that white adults who reduced their body mass
index score by 10 points saw their net worth rise about $12,000." and "people who say they
drink 'moderately' earn 10% more than people who abstain while 'heavy drinkers' earn 12%

Food (and libations) for thought indeed.

I promise to be back to my frivolous and fancy-free, food-lovin' self soon...


Love your Blog, thanks
Chanit from Israel :-)
oh man, if that's true i'm going to be a millionaire.
bottoms up!

and that drink looks mouthwatering.
I love your site, especially since you have informed me that drinkers earn more cash. I knew there was a reason for what I do! :)

That cocktail sounds yummy.
Chanit, Thanks, Im glad you like it!

Violet and Beth, I know, how great is that? Bottoms up! LOL

(All of those quotes, btw, were from Money magazine.)
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