Monday, August 01, 2005


A Food Blog Event? Cool!

Hey there cats and kittens.

I have a wacky idea for an online food event, and I invite all of you to participate!

It's super simple. Every month, a new recipe will be announced and you will have 7 days to make it. The recipe will be chosen based on suggestions from readers. (Rules to be explained more in depth when the first recipe is announced/when I think of some)

The dish will be something reasonably simple but interesting, that doesn't involve baking or any specialized equipment (and yes, a grill is specialized) And we will skip all recipes that call for esoteric ingredients like fennel pollen, temple rice and/or loquats, so everyone around the world can join in.

Then, everyone will make the SAME THING. Yup. That's the idea. Have everyone make the same dish, following a recipe as exactly as you want, or getting all kinds of fancy, then submitting your photo of the completed dish (with any changes, or just noting you followed it exactly) for a fun look at how one recipe can be interpreted in a million different ways. (And the whole shebang will have a great name too! As soon as I think of one...SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.)

There will be no judging, just a monthly round up, and hopefully, a lively discussion on what makes a recipe work. The event can be hosted by others too...all you have to do is ask!

If this sounds fun to you, suggest a dish and come back here on August 12th for the announcement of the first recipe!


How great is this? In an attempt to reduce problems with drunk driving, 30 states now allow restaurants to give open bottles of wine to go (you know, if you didn't finish it during your meal. They don't want you to feel compelled to drink it all just because you can't take it home. Heaven knows I've been known to do that. Blush.) Of course, the open bottle must travel home with you in the trunk of your car per state open container laws. Participation by restaurants is voluntary. To find out if this is legal in your state (it is in NY, TX, VA and AZ for sure) check with your local Alcoholic-Beverage-Control (ABC) - Info from Real Simple

That is a fun idea. I dont have a blog, but would love to join in, can I?
This sounds like a blast! I will be delving into my cookbooks as soon as I get home tonight!
i think that sounds brilliant. and not competetive, just fun. i like it a lot! i'll suggest brownies... since i feel that it's such a flexible sort of open-canvas type food that could have many an interpretation.
Thanks for the encouragment everyone! I was hesitant to try this out!

And Sabrina, of course you can join in, just email me your entry and photo and Ill post it with the round-up!
Sounds like fun. It's the Paper Chef without the pain of defeat! ;-)
What a great idea!
Sounds like a great idea to me also. Can't wait to see the August 12th post. By the way, your email box was full and wouldn't accept my email. I'll try again.
This sounds like fun, and I just might have to try it out.

Since it is August, it might be a good idea to do a dish that doesn't require baking. A type of chilled soup would be fun.
I think this is an excellent idea and would love to have a go.

Just thinking about it; cooking the same recipe as other people would be a great way to learn some good tips 'n tricks to improve/get good variations on dishes and the like.
Yes, let's cook. That sounds like a brilliant idea. I say something with fresh fruit or vegetables, since it's summer.
I think a pasta dish would be a good way to start! Maybe something vegetarians can do too.
I'm in. Sounds fun!
Count me in. Sounds like fun. Like another poster ... something from summer's bounty might be a good idea. Fruit tart, perhaps?
I'd be in as well - once I get the site back up, of course ;)
One little comment. It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere but not in the Southern. To make this WW, we should all keep that in mind, as it affects availability of some items or at least the quality of them.
This sounds like an awsome idea. I am new to the food blog scene, and already I love it!
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Just a few things to clarify...I really dont think a baking dish is a good idea, since (I for one) a lot of food bloggers dont bake so much (I actually mention that in the post, but whatever) and I absolutly agree nothing so seasonal that my Southern Hemisphere cyber-friends cant join in.

Im super excited that you all are excited, (hee hee hee) and cant wait until the 12th!

Thanks ev'body!

Ditto Violet on the non-competitive aspect of this!

Also, this is such a great way for non-bloggers to participate. Just like in the epicurious comments, its about us bringing our taste-words and interpretations together. Sure some of us will do that visually with different plating ideas, but its so much more than that.

I don't understand the anti-baking aspect, but what-ever.

Trying to appease a WW market is a tough one. The same food isn't going to be in season everywhere, we'll just have to deal. And anyway this is going to be an ongoing event, not a one shot deal.

I'm thinking of savory recipes with nuances we can have fun picking out... some sort of stew-like amalgamation?

We could also do a Dr. FoodBlog slant and take a horribly rated epicurious recipe and try to fix it. (hmm I just might do that one myself)

sounds like heaps of fun !!!

I agree with culinary fool! It is WINTER here!!!!!!!!
Hi again.

Just another quick note...I am TOTALLY aware it is winter in the Southern Hem. so there is no need to worry there....

AND, as for why I dont want to include is because many cooks do not have the tools to bake, mixers and special pans and whatnot. While it may be fun to try a recipe that requires a fluted, removeable bottom tart pan, just to see what people come up with, I dont want to start out that way.

Thanks again (again!) for everyones interest!

Count me in! Where do I sign up -- or did I just do that?


This sounds great! May I make one suggestion? Although I know it's winter in the Southern Hemisphere, I think I will die of heat stroke if I have to cook something for a long time in the kitchen. It's HOT here in Virginia. I think pasta would be a great choice.
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