Thursday, July 28, 2005


What is Kumara?

I was reading about New Zealand born Chef Peter Gordon (Who has a restaurant in London) and this paragraph caught my eye:

"Baby kumara has also got him excited. They have a less intense flavour and much softer skin than a regular kumara.

Regular kumara has been available in Britain only since last year, thanks to a British food importer who lived in New Zealand and fell in love with the vegetable, says Gordon."

The reason that was interesting is that until just three minutes ago, when I read that, I had never heard of Kumara. And since I am writing this instead of looking it up, I will take a pause and go find out what it is!

3 MINUTES LATER - Sigh. Kumara are sweet potatoes. What a let down. Here I was on the verge of getting to spend days on a hunt for a new food, and I've been buying it and eating it all my life. Oh well. Onward and upward.

i just returned from NZ where i, too, fell in love with kumara ... they are less sweet than the sweet potatoes we have here in the US, and most of them have purple skin and are pale inside. I just found your entry when i went online trying to figure out if we have them here, but alas, it appears we do not. :(
I just got back from New Zealand yesterday, and today am searching for where I could find kumara around San Francisco. Wish me luck. :) I don't like sweet potatoes too much, but the NZ kumara was really really good.
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