Friday, June 10, 2005


Random Food (and other) Thoughts

Why hello there campers! I have a lot of little random tidbits I want to share today. None of them really make a full post of fab, but it will just have to do.

If you are interested, check out my frivolous guest blogger ramblings on life in England on the fantasti-catty, (and lately, very much for-mature-audiences-only) site, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She is a doll for asking me to post there. Thanks Tiffany!

Home made (at least, in my home) Indian food is not photogenic.

I wrote an email to Prince Charles last week asking if the candy-addict-small-fry-who-sometimes-visits and I could take a tour of his organic farm that happens to be near by. I was shut out. This especially stung since it is on the Gaurdian's list of 50 things all Foodies should do. Pout.

My all time favorite yoga instructor, the super amazing (and extra flexible) Darin (at Crunch,) sometimes mentions after class that eating curry may help prevent Alzheimer’s. According to the NY Times, he may be right!

“Scientists have found that the magic ingredient is curcumin, a component of the yellow curry spice turmeric, that appears to reduce deposits of beta-amyloid proteins in the brains of elderly lab mice that ate curcumin as part of their diets, reports Reuters. Studies have found that in India, where curry spice is a dietary staple, the rate of Alzheimer's disease among elderly adults is very low.” – NY Times

Pimms is the way best beverage! Check it out!

I made tempura asparagus yesterday for cocktail hour. I wonder what the difference between tempura and just batter fried is.(Actually, I just looked it up, there is no difference, other than aesthetics, except tempura is what the Japanese call it.)

Come back later today for an exciting foray into Fish and Chips…you won’t want to miss it!

loved your English post.
Of course i do have a few minor "issues" with it...

1) I have never heard Jordan described as having real breasts before

2)England is England it is true, but it is not the United Kingdom or Great Britain. England is simply part of Great Britain (England/Scotland/Wales) which itself is part of the United Kingdom, together with Northern Ireland. You may consider me a smart arse at this point, but really, the only reason I know this stuff is cos it is written on the front of my passport.

3)Pubs are pathetic when it comes to mixed drinks which is why I favour bars when I am in London.

4) Did you know you can get hedgehog flavoured crisps too, but my favourites are Roasted chicken or smoky bacon. Seriously....
HEDGEHOG???? Too hilarious! Have you had them?

I didn't say Jordan has real ones actually, Tiffany did.

And someone also told me the national symbol of Wales is a bunch of leeks. I cannot tell you how much I love that. Leeks.

The BF chastised me too over the confusion of the UK and its parts...and he was the one feeding me the info in the first place! Must have been that Yorkshire accent, so hard to decipher sometimes! LOL.

Jordan's breasts are way, way, way bigger than a double-D. They're off the charts. I saw her at the London Book Fair last year and I almost fell over--she was promoting her "book" and she was (as ever) super-tan and TINY. I didn't know she was so small! Her boyfriend is called Peter Andre and they met on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (I think). Her real name is Katie Price--Jordan is just her alter ego. She has a blind baby with an ex.

Now let us wonder why I know so much about Jordan.

If you really want to appreciate Britain's love-affair with random B-list celebrities, please ask someone who Caprice is. (She's actually American I think but that doesn't matter). I bet no one will actually be able to tell you (except that she was in some musical recently) but that doesn't stop her from being a "celebrity".
i have had them
I don't think they are real, thought apperently british gypsies really eat hedgehogs, or at least they did in the old days.
Leeks - yes and daffodils. My ex is welsh so I know a thing or 2 about that cheeky country. I would give the lavabread a miss though.
Emily - you almost fell over? Sounds like Jordan was the one who should have been off balance.
Of course all us Brits know Caprice. She started off as a model, next she was hosting The Big Breakfast and at one point I think she was also selling her own line of lingerie. Now she probably does little more than tout herself arund cheap reality tv shows
Do I win a prize???
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