Sunday, June 05, 2005


Lemon Zesting Nirvana

Recently, I was the overexcited recipient of a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma by the mega glam Legs McGee and two of her extra fab friends…it was a superb gift, and yet at the same time, a perfect form of torture. How does one spend a set amount in a cooking store? It was a challenge indeed. But I was determined to find something for exactly the amount prescribed and not a penny more. I have already dedicated a few years of my life and several thousand dollars to that store, and for the last few years have been on a mission to not give them much more (I falter sometimes, I admit).

The gift card burned a whole in my pocket, and burned even brighter in my mind…

I made the journey to the extra touristy Beverly Center to see what was to be seen, and to try to find the perfect item. Something I didn’t have, would actually use, and would remind me of what a fun night I had that ended in such a fantastic gift.

What to buy, what to buy.

It turns out, after examining a questionable bright pink ceramic bladed knife, I settled on a new silpat and the current love of my LIFE, the Microplaner. Oh my goodness, I am infatuated.

I had thought for so long that there was no reason I would need such a tool. I mean, I have razor sharp knives and have always been fine mincing the heck out of the glorious, essential-oil, sunshiney burst of flavor that is the zest. Wow was I ever wrong.

This thing is the cats MEOW. The bees KNEES. The creme de la CREME. It is a dream come true, and my newest bestest friend.

I have now used it to grate chocolate for cocoa, parmesan for pasta and lemons for pretty much everything else. It made quick work of garlic and turned coconut into a snow flurry delight.

I guess this entire post is an homage to the microplaner, because I just plain love the thing. Go, buy one, now.


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Undercooked turkey at a Camden restaurant is most likely the cause of one of the worst food-borne illness outbreaks in South Carolina in recent years, the state health department said Friday. More than 300 people were sickened and one 58-year-old man died after eating at the Old South Restaurant in Camden about two weeks ago. Some 56 people also were hospitalized, according to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control. Dr. Jerry Gibson, the state epidemiologist, said the agency conducted lab tests and interviews to determine the source of the salmonella.

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