Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Drink of the Week: Vodka Spiked Watermelon Recipe

More people come here looking for a recipe for vodka spiked/infused watermelon than any other reason.

So in the interest of helping out you people who want to fill that gourd so you can be out of your gourd, I thought I would reprint that recipe. Enjoy!

1 bottle (750 ml) vodka (I suggest you use Smirnoff. Trust me. It’s the best mid range mixer vodka)
1 10 lb. or larger, chilled, whole, watermelon, with seeds if you can (seedless doesn't work as well.)

Cut a plug from the watermelon about 2-inches deep and the shape of the bottle opening. (I held the cap against the melon and traced it with the knife to get the exact size the cut should be) Save the plug (rind) that you cut out. Push a long wooden spoon handle into the hole. Cut another plug about 20 degrees from where you cut the first one. Save that cut out too. This is just for air flow, you will just plug this hole up when you are done.

Turn the bottle (carefully and slow) upside down and stick it into the first hole you cut into the melon. Push it down tight. Let it drain in. If your melon takes the vodka fairly fast, you can push the plugs back in. Also do this if you want to transport it. If not eaten in 2 days will become very mushy.


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Thank you for the recipe, I have been looking everywhere.
This is exactly what I have been looking everywhere for. Im so happy I found your adorable site, thank you so much and keep up the great blog!
Rachael, you devilish girl! I love the blog, I love the recipes, I think I may love you! WOW.
Zora and Tammy -
Thank you!

Stuart -
Sorry peach, Im spoken for! Keep up the cooking though!
This is the best blog, and that recipe worked like a charm, thanks dollface!
Why can't you use a seedless watermelon?
The seeds sort of create gaps for the vodka to seep in to. I tried it once with a seedless and it just wouldnt take the vodka...could have been me, but it just didnt work.

Seedless didn't work for me, either. Though that wasn't mentioned in other entries I found online. One thing that might make sense to update this entry with is how long you find it usually takes for a watermelong to take the vodka. I've got one just started now on my new, seeded watermelon. It looks like SOMETHING has happened in the hour it's been in, but not much.
Any ideas for what I should do with the seedless watermelon that I have sitting here? I've nearly drank all the vodka that never went in out.
Thank you for the recipe...I will be doing this for a BBQ coming up. How simple it really is, lol. Also...thanks for the tip on using watermelon with seeds
I did get it to work with a seedless watermelon. I first cut a hole in the bottom of the melon and left it unplugged. I then turned the watermelon around and cut the hole in the top that was the size of the bottle cap and stuck the bottle in as the recipe says to do. I kept the melon in a large pot while the bottle drained. It tooka boyut 4 hours; the hole in the bottom allowed the melon juices to seep out into the pot. Also worth saving the juices that seep out, as they have a little liquor in them and make for a decent mixer.
a) It's really hard to find a seeded watermelon nowadays. Bummer.

b) I suppose it says something, or several somethings, awful about me that the first thing I noticed was that, while you recommend Smirnoff, the photo illustration is a bottle of Ketel One.

c) Thank you for sharing this but I cannot imagine this being a good idea. ;)
Does anyone know if you can do this with a meat injector?
I've used a meat injector and it worked well, but it's just easier to let to bottle sit in the watermelon...
Has anyone ever tried this with other liquor--plain/flavored rum or liquers? Peach schnapps?
I dont think a meat injector would work...

Schnapps would be nice...

And yes, its Ketel One, but I think that was a mistake...its too nice a bev to use on this method...
Great idea!!! So then how do you serve it? Just put a bunch of straws in the watermelon?I would love to hear some ideas!
Other sites say to just slice it up and enjoy! I wonder why seedless won't work? None of the other websites for this recipe mention that fact.
Hey ir really like to be able to stick some traws in or something for myself and a few friends to enjoy, anyone done this or know if it works?
If you let it sit for three or four days it will get mushy enough to drink with a straw...just slice the top off like a lid...
This blog was helpful, but after I'd already attempted it on a seedless watermelon. I'll know better next time. But for those of you like me who now have a watermelon with a couple of plugs carved out of it... this is what I've done. I cut the top 1/4 to 1/3 off where the vodka bottle was inserted. I used a melon baller to scoop out the watermelon in neat balls. Then I cut the top in a cute zig zag shape, put the melon balls back in the hollowed out rind and just POURED the vodka over them! It was a great alternative. I'd wait until just before getting ready to serve it to pour the vodka over them though as mentioned before, the melon will get mushy if the vodka sits too long. Hope this helps those who come here after they've attempted the seedless watermelon.
Oh my what an energy drink in the making. I wonder what health benefits can we get out of this mixture? Will the vitamins of watermelon be absorb and "emptied" by the wine/vodka? Its been a while since this post but I just want to clear things up...lol
are u suppose to drain da water outa the watermelon first???
After following your instructions here, I find that after 12 hrs, only 1/2 of my bottle has been absorbed into the watermelon. Do I continue leaving it there and go to work, or do I remove the bottle and refridgerate the remains 'til 7 pm when the guests arrive, thirsty?
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