Friday, April 08, 2005


Kitchen Design

To know Don Silvers is to love him. Myself, I met him late last week and am completely under his spell. You see, Don is a kitchen designer. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface because what he really is (a gentleman and a genuine firecracker) is a kitchen designer with a difference. As a former chef instructor, Don and his (positively adorable) partner (and goddaughter) Moorea design kitchens based on the cooks needs. That may sound simple, but in fact, it is something most designers don’t do. Sure, other people can tell you where to put the stove in relation to the sink, but do they know why? Do they talk to you in detail about what you cook, for how many people, how often and with what tools? Most likely not. Don on the other hand, does. He also knows more about kitchen appliances than anyone I have ever met…but with a difference…he doesn’t care what brands you buy. He cares what it can do for you and if it is right for you. That’s all. He is not a salesman; he is a man with knowledge and experience that he wants to share. He is driven by a passion for cooking.

In my humble little life, new clients are constantly noting their (pleasant) surprise that when I come to give cooking lessons I am not selling anything. I have no special spice mix, I don’t represent a line of cookware and I don’t have a book. I really am there to teach you how to cook for the pure joy of sharing that skill. That is where Don and I are completely in synch. He doesn’t care if your stove is by Viking or Whirlpool, if your cutting boards are by John Boos or from Target, all he cares about is that you have the best kitchen set up for your cooking style. That is something I can get behind.

Unlike me, Don DOES have something to shill, (his kitchen design services for one) and since I am a fan, I will let you know. His new book Kitchen Appliances 101 came out this week, and it is a must have if you are any kind of foodie. No, its not about cooking, (and honestly, its not the most aesthetically pleasing book I have ever seen) it’s about equipment, but it is still a great read, a must have (along with his other book, Kitchen Design With Cooking In Mind) and fantastically inspiring.

I have spent many hours mentally designing my ideal kitchen. Conjuring the perfect space, looking at plans, talking animatedly about how high the counters should be, what material the flooring should be, how many sockets there should be (while debating the merits of slow food) and what fab little perks it will have. (You know, with my unlimited fantasy-budget) While all of this is still just a simple girls dream, (me not even owning a house and all), knowing the incomparable Don and reading his books make it seem within reach.


April is national soft pretzel month.

Under a new federal law that took effect Monday, stores must post information about where their fish fillets,
oysters, shrimp and the rest of their fresh seafood come from, clearly, either inside or outside of the display case. The law applies only to fresh seafood, not cooked, canned, smoked, breaded or marinated fish. Frozen fish will be covered in six months.

That comment totally did not work. Trying again:
Hubby and I were in a tiff the other day as we were driving by the local kitchen design store with their beautiful lit-up display in their front window and I said, "I'll forgive you if you get me a new kitchen." Of course he said okay, and I said I could wait until we get our new house :) .
Ahh, much better :)
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