Friday, March 18, 2005


Bad Food Photography

Bad food photography. It's out there kids, and it aint pretty. (Nor is it appetizing!) Tell the many times have you whipped out your camera at some chic and fab restaurant to capture the moment, then only to realize the shot was terrible, therefore compelling you to take three or four more while your dining companions patiently hold their water glasses off the table and their comments to themselves? Or maybe you have just struggled to hold the bowl and whisk while pouring the batter and taking a picture all at the same time only to have it come out looking less than delectable. I myself am guilty of taking (and posting) some pretty dreadful shots of food that while in reality was sensationally beautiful and/or just plain yummy, or I somehow THOUGHT was interesting, but upon later review it turns out my art direction, or flash or beer goggles (hey, it happens!) or judgement in general were just plain off. And yet, I still have those shots, cluttering up my computer and mocking me every time I open Picasa.

So tell me dear reader, are you guilty too? Have you too taken shot after shot of grey cabbage and overexposed pork chops or am I alone in this? Share with me, and purge yourself! If we all work together, we can overcome bad food photography and the world will be a better place.

Below, for your pleasure, is my personal hall of shame. Terrible shots of glorious food. (Or in the case of the can of Tab, just an odd choice of things to snap.) Please enjoy and have a great day!


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Thats so funny.I must have 30 pictures of a cake i baked last week still on my camera, i cnnot bring myself to delete or downlaod them. hilarious post, thanks!
I love this blog, thanks so much! That is so funny and true about the food pictures. I do it all the time. Keep up the good work.
Now that is something I can relate to..Since I started my blog,I have taken quite a few pictures of the kind
you mentioned.I have started reading those websites which talks about taking the perfect pics.
The L.A. Times did a short article a month or so ago on good cameras to use when taking shots of food and the Stylus 500 from Olympus was what they liked (it has a "Cuisine" setting. How funny is THAT?) If you want the article, I can email it to you! - Rachael
I don't have enough bandwidth to post even a portion of my bad pictures. And I use photoshop for a living and can fix most anything.

There are times I know right away that a dish I'm shooting won't even look like food when it gets to pixels. But I shoot it anyway.

Hi Rachael
I would appreciate it if you could forward me the article on food photography you mentioned.
Thanks a lot
I would be happy to, I just need an email address. You can email me at

It so funny that even when we know it wont look good the pictures keep getting taken. I guess its partly because digital pics are free, but also, even if the pic is bad, its a good memory...
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