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Turophiles. Cheese Lovers

Have you ever tried to make your own fresh cheese? I have, and it didn't exactly work (8 hours of work ended with a blob of "mozzarella" that we ended up using as a Super Ball)...SO, I buy cheese (like most people) from a wide array of places...

The Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills and the Cheese Shop of Silverlake, (knowledgeable owners, and they offer a taste before you commit. I think most food should be sold that way...)

Whole Foods of course has a great selection, but your cheese should not be wrapped in plastic, it's dying in there...unwrap it and put it in butchers paper or waxed paper, then keep it someplace cool and dark...
(For more on that go to http://www.cheesesociety.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=5)

A good online source is The Ideal Cheese Shop (http://www.idealcheese.com/).

Smart and Final in West LA has a good selection, but the one in West Hollywood, oddly, does not.

For other fun information, visit the
American Cheese Society at www.cheesesociety.org
and make sure to read the article they have posted on Noella Marcellino, AKA The Cheese Nun.

Other helpful sites:
and www.marinfrenchcheese.com

So the cheeses that I eat are pretty varied, and cover most of the ones everyone likes, but here are some you may not have tried, that I recommend:

Ribafria (Portugal) - Aged Goats Milk Cheese
Saint Nectaire (France) - Cows Milk Cheese, soft with nutty flavor
Afuega'l Pitu (Spain) - Semi-Soft Cow's Milk cheese
Pecorino Folige Noce (Italy) Semi Firm Sheeps Milk Cheese
Humboldt Fog (USA) - Creamy Goats Milk Cheese with a thin layer and coat of vegetable ash
Shropshire Blue (England) - Sharp, aged, blue veined cows milk cheese

Why not try a new cheese today! (Just not anything by Kraft, ok?)

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