Thursday, August 12, 2004


NannyCuisine (TM)


Introducing your children to a wide variety of foods at an early age is a great way to encourage a lifetime of smart, healthy and sophisticated culinary choices.

Unfortunately, with today’s busy schedules, very few parents have the time to prepare or supervise all the meals their children eat. That is why Fresh Approach Cooking offers NannyCuisine™: the perfect way to introduce your childcare worker to recipes and food preparation techniques based on the foods you want your child to eat.

Good habits begin early and NannyCuisine is an ideal way to start your children down the path of good eating habits. It is also a great solution if you child has dietary restrictions your nanny may not be familiar with - Kosher, Vegetarian, Sugar Free, or Wheat or Dairy Allergies, for example; or if you will be traveling abroad and want to accustom your child to the foods they might encounter while away from home. Even something as simple as wanting new recipes to try is a perfect reason to sign up for NannyCuisine classes. The reasons are endless, and so are the menus Fresh Approach offers.

Fresh Approach chef instructors are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, with years of experience.

We teach all of the classes in your home, during the day, (so none if your nannies time is spent away from the children) and come with the recipes, ingredients and equipment to teach your nanny how to create delicious meals your children will love to eat – as well as offer instruction in basic sanitation and nutrition. Children are encouraged to watch and learn too – a fantastic way to get them interested in the foods they eat.

Each class runs two hours and is taught based on your family’s approach to food. After the lesson, the Fresh Chef does all the clean up related to the class.

Classes May Include:

Organic Baby Foods
School Lunches
After School Snacks
Make Ahead Dinner for Kids
Special Diet Meals (Wheat Free, Low Fat, Kosher, Milk Allergy, Picky Eaters, etc.)

You can choose to have just one class ($125) or opt for a series of six informative lessons ($600).
We can be reached at

Please write if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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