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Hi ev'body, and thanks for stopping by!

This blog has evolved quite a bit since I first started, (despite the date this seems to have been published on, I'm writing in May, 2006. And updating in Jan. 2007) but now, it is just the way I want it to be.

Except for one thing...there isn't a link on "About Me" to much information.

Sure, sure, you can gather things about who I am just by reading the blog, but that still might leave some basic questions in the interest of getting to know each other (and I do hope you will let me know a bit about you too!) here is some additional info (in FAQ form) 'bout me...enjoy!

Are you really a chef?
I did, in fact, go to cooking school (Ask me what I thought about that) at the California Culinary Academy, and have the scars to prove it, but we all know that cooking school only makes a girl a cook, not quite a chef. These days, I don't do that for my livelyhood, though sometimes I do give cooking classes, do demos, consult on food-related projects, food style and/or cater... If it makes you feel better, I did work in a few restaurants in San Francisco when I lived there, among other jobs, but I really didn't have the temperment for it.

What DO you do?
The truth is that most of the time, I laze about, enjoying life, basking in the glorious Southern California sun, sipping cocktails and thinking about food; then I go on and share those thoughts with you.

What is the point of this blog?
It's hit or miss, I agree, but my aim is to bring you with me on the (hyperbolic, superlative-filled) path of a (scotch-drinking, single-girl, who loves her town, is parenthetical, and lives a) foodies life.

Are you in?

Where do you get the information you put at the bottom of every post?
It should all be attributed, but mostly, I just look things up that have some sort of relevance to what I was talking about that day, is timely or just fun. I also try to include culinary definitions when ever they are needed.

Can I hire you to teach a class for me and my friends?
If you live in Los Angeles, I would be happy to check my schedule and see. Email me and we'll chat...

Are you Rachael Ray? Our first names are spelled the same, yes; and we both cook, yes; and (I admit) we both love Oprah, but that is where the similarities end. Sorry! But thanks for all the fan email!

Is this a Gluten-Free, Low-Carb or Vegan site?
When I switched from the old version of Blogger to the new version in Jan. 07 I noticed an option to create post labels. Inspired by some of my favorite sites, I figured adding those particular labels would be helpful for anyone who doesn't eat meat or carbs or gluten. That doesn't mean this site is all about those things...I just happen to have a bunch of recipes that fall in those catagories.

What is your specialty?
Ah, the dreaded question...the truth is, my specialty is good food, but if hard pressed, I would have to say Cocktail Foods. Party Foods or Hors de Oeuvres works too. What can I say...I love a party, and I love party food...

OK peaches, that's about all I can muster for today. But please do be in touch, let me know a little about you! I do wonder...


(Oh and that handsome devil in the picture with me? That's Stevie B. He's a good egg.)

Thank god you aren't Rachael Ray..she's evil!
It was great running into you last night (even if it did take us each a minute...I kept thinking, "do I know her? or is she famous? do I know her? or is she famous?" and because you looked at me the same way, I figured I knew you. Which doesn't take away the fact that you are indeed famous as well. You looked super. Love the recipes. Ta, Kirsten
Kirsten! It was good to see you too! And funny thing...that picture of me and Steve on this post was taken at your comedy show...LOL.

Take care doll.
I came across you site while looking for Pictures of Chocolate covered Cherries. Love the site!! Will return often! Question- you mention that the recipe for the cherries you received where on chefshop but I couldn't find it. What is on the bottom of the cherries and what is on the inside under the chocolate?
Hi I have a question, and i cant find your email address :(
Kedves Rachel,
véletlen találtam az oldaladra, mert birsalma chatney receptet kerestem, itthon Magyarországon egyszerüen nincs sehol. Sajnos nem beszélek nagyon jól angolul,hogy a levelemet angolul irjam de látom, kapcsolatban vagy a magyar nyelvvel.
Megnézegettem az oldalad, nagyon klassz, bár nekem lenne ilyen csodás lehetőségem.
Szeretettel üdözöllek
Nagy Magdolna
Nice site, keep it up. (I did the CCA, CIA thing too)greg
I stumbled across your blog and have found your recipe posts to my liking. Can you recommend any recipes,books,info about cooking with fresh meats. We have livestock and I am new to all this and in need of some out of the ordinary recipes for fresh & smoked ham. Thanks
I will definitely be a follower. I just started my site. I have been catering for 20 years (married for 40) so I have plenty to share. my webiste if you have time to visit (and bare with me, it is 3 days old) Sherry
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