Monday, March 26, 2007


Drink of the Week: Berry-Vodka Cooler

My darling and tolerant best friend The Ombudsman, has a loving way of teasing the heck out of me.

For instance, when I told him (It's been pointed out that I don’t ask so much as tell him things. I’m not a bossy girl mind you, I’m just sure of myself. Heh heh. Oh please, he loves it.) we were going to see a David Mamet play this weekend, at three in the afternoon on the (somewhat staid) Westside. He asked me if my upcoming birthday (this Tuesday. Take note. Send gifts.) is actually my 65th birthday. He asked if he should bring his walker. He made me giggle.

When we arrived at the theater, he noted that the last time he had been there he was watching a local policeman and his cockatoo do a stand up act. He was nine at the time. We pushed past the elderly people congregating at the door and found our seats.

We sat through 75 minutes of Mamet-speak.

Needless to say, after the play, I owed him a drink. A fruity drink to cleanse us.

So I made these berry-licious delights.

We drank two before heading back out for an evening at the symphony (cultural couple, aren’t we? Too funny, considering on Friday night we went to a karaoke bar and played Ms. Pac-Man while doing Kamakazi shots. Just mentioning that so you don’t think we are too pretentious. Oh wait, we are.)

Whatever your reason, this is a bev worth trying. So do. And enjoy.

One cup frozen mixed berries.
1 cup Absolut Raspberri
1 T. sugar
Pomegranate Juice
Lemon-Lime Soda

Mix the berries with the vodka and sugar. Let sit for 10 minutes.

Fill a double-old-fashioned glass with ice. Add lemon-lime soda, add a splash of pomegranate juice. Spoon in the berries, stir and serve. Top with more vodka if you like.

Makes two drinks.

Warning: Consumption of this drink will not make David Mamet funny. It will on the other hand, taste good.


Raspberries probably originated in Eastern Asia.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY (one day early but the sentiment is just as sincere)! Oh hell, I'll come back tomorrow and wish it again.

I'm filing this is the "to make" file. I'm thinking of starting a subfolder entitled "Rachael's file."
Dearest Rachael, it seems like we share more than the love of food. I have my birthday today too! Congratulations to you, I hope that you will get as much sun as possible!
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