Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Lucas Sushi

Southern California is a desert. I know because I paid attention in that botany class I once took (I started out school as a Botany/Art major. Can you imagine? Blessed little 21-year-old-me wanted to do botanical illustrations as a career. Turns out, I am wack at botany and the call for botanical illustrators in this day and age is almost nil. Doh! Plus, can you say nerd? Eek.) that it consists of a chaparral desert. That’s right kids, it’s a desert. The kind that burns every once in awhile. Now, while I am a fan of the extra "s" making all things delicious and "dessert," I still live in a dry, warm, breezy desert, and I am glad for it.

One of the things about living in this climate zone is that we can pretty much predict the weather before it happens. Rain? That would be the third week in October through "Storm Watch fill-in-the-year" in February. That’s about it.

That lack of rain leaves a girls car kinda filthy though, lemme tell ya.

The solution of course, is a good car washing. Lather that baby up, hose it down and bedazzling (temporary) cleanliness can be yours.

For a price. And a precious 45 minutes. Which is what makes Lucas my new favorite restaurant. Ever. (Or at least, on Tuesday mornings, when I get the gas-guzzling-dirt-attracting-monster cleaned.) Even if they have no parking lot. What they do have instead is an adorable cottage attached to the car wash. I mean come ON people. This is the road-side attraction we have all been missing in this day and age!

It's like a dream. Instead of sipping on a bottle of water and wondering "When’s lunch?" This little gem of a place offers up ocean-breeze fresh sushi and teriyaki right there at Expert Car Wash on La Brea Avenue. Is there better sushi? Sure! But at a car wash? I'm going with, no.

The menu consists of your standard Americanized Japanese fair. Spicy Tuna Rolls, (see photo) California Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken, Honeydew Melon Smoothies (Huh? Why is this item so hot right now? Oh yes, because they are TASTY.) and yakitori. Prices top out at $8.95 too, which is pretty rad. Everything is prepared fresh and for some reason, (and this is where it becomes obvious I am no restaurant reviewer) is really a cut above most sushi shacks. The fish is fresh (would you expect less?) and served with panache, the service is quick and the overall feeling is…happy. It is one happy little (read: seats 12) place. Kinda makes me wish they had a parking lot.

So if your neighbor kids wrote "Wash Me" in the dust on your windshield, and you really want a bite to eat, head over to this spot and make yourself a happy camper too. I certainly am.

Until tomorrow,

Lucas Sushi and Teriyaki
900 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA


The Orange Honeydew Melon is also known as the "Temptation Melon."

Japan's annual per-capita vegetable consumption today is 105.2 kilograms - slightly less than that of the United States (107.7 kilograms), but more than that of Germany (95.5 kilograms) and the United Kingdom (92.8 kilograms). -


The only thing I'm good at drawing is a potato!
Wow, I really need to get my car washed. I seem to have parked it under a bird convention. This may be the motivation I need to go get it done. I can't really say no to some yakitori while I wait.
I have to ask my brother if he's been there. I'm not a sushi snob, so inexpensive but good sushi places sound great to me!
Luca's is Jammin! I eat there every two weeks and the host Susey is so nice.

-The Groupster
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